Bolt Launches Same-Day Parcel Delivery Service

Bolt launches same-day parcel delivery service just a month after the closure of the food department of the company in South Africa.  This new service which is reportedly powered by a fleet of Bajaj Qute, represents a strategic expansion of the company that capitalizes on the success and popularity of the ride-hailing platform.

Bolt Same-Day Parcel Delivery Service

Bolt Same-Day Parcel Delivery Service

Bolt, the ride-hailing company, has introduced a new feature that provides an additional earning opportunity for its driver partners, reinforcing the platform’s commitment to evolving user needs. This development is part of Bolt’s ongoing efforts to offer solutions that surpass user expectations, particularly in light of the increasing demand for reliable service delivery.

How to Use This New Service

To utilize this new service, users can simply select the parcel icon within the Bolt app, enter the pick-up and destination points, choose ‘Bolt Send’ from the vehicle category page, and confirm their trip. Users will be notified when the driver arrives to collect the parcel, and they can then share the journey details with the recipient.

Bolt Africa’s PR Manager Comment on the Matter

Sandra Suzanne Buyole, Bolt Africa’s PR Manager, commented on the launch, stating, “Leveraging the strong reception of the Bajaj vehicles allows us to offer a dedicated delivery solution that aligns with Bolt’s reputation for efficiency and innovation.” She also noted that this initiative offers drivers an additional source of income during economically challenging times.

The Service’s Functionality and Pricing

The service’s functionality and pricing are based on distance and demand. Bolt has clarified that it does not provide insurance coverage for package loss, damage, or theft, and that parcels must be no larger than 60 x 40 x 40 cm and valued at R1,500 or less.

Bolt to Discontinue Its Services in Nigeria and South Africa

In a separate development, Bolt announced in December 2023 that it would discontinue its services in Nigeria and South Africa. This decision was made to streamline the company’s resources and enhance overall efficiency.



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