GM Reportedly Ends Its Chevy Bolt Production

GM reportedly ends its Chevy Bolt production. The Chevy Bolt as you should know is the company’s first Mass-Market Electric vehicle. This car was one of the most affordable electric vehicles available on the market but it was however plagued by battery fires that led to a total model recall.

GM ends Chevy Bolt production

GM ends Chevy Bolt production

General Motors is putting an end to production of its electric Chevrolet Bolt officially, CEO Mary Barra revealed to investors in an earnings call on Tuesday. The bolt which was introduced back in 2017 was the most affordable electric vehicle available on the market, with a current starting price of just $26,500. The car also was just one of 11 models to qualify for the latest overhauled EV tax credit.

“When the Chevrolet Bolt EV launched, it was a huge technical achievement and the first affordable EV, which set in motion GM’s all-electric future,” Cody Williams, spokesperson to the company in a statement said, thus adding that the firm will “ continue to grow its EV portfolio.”

Production Will Wrap Up By the End of the Year 2023

Production on the Chevy Bolt EV and the bigger EUV will reportedly wrap up by the end of the year 2023, Williams stated. The plant in Michigan where the cars were made will begin production of electric Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks in 2024.

The Chevy Blazer EV Pricing

The Chevy Blazer EV which is a midsize SUV that will start at $44,995 and offer up to 320 miles of range, is however expected in the month of July. The Equinox EV on the other hand, with 300 miles of range as well as a sticker price of around $30,000, is also expected in the latter parts of the year.

GM debuted the Bolt ahead of the Tesla Model 3 at the time, thus making it the first battery electric vehicle on the market for under $50,000 with a range of over 200 miles. But reports from 2016 however show that the company expected to lose as much as $9,000 per car in a bid to be a leader in the market.

GM’s Advice to Owners After Reports of Fires

And after accounts of its LG battery pack spontaneously catching fire, the Bolt was then subject to a complete recall, and its production was halted for the better part of a whole year.
GM in 2021 then advised owners of the car model to park outdoors and at least 50 feet away from other vehicles around “in the rare event of a potential fire.” Owners were also discouraged from leaving Bolt EVs unattended while they were charging.

GM’s New Ultium Battery    

The next generation of GM electric vehicles will however utilize the new Ultium battery of the company, Williams stated.



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