Internet Services in Nigeria Recently Expanded to Aid Workers

To provide better internet access for humanitarian organizations responding to terrorism in northeastern Nigeria, the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) has obtained $50,000.

Internet Services in Nigeria Recently Expanded to Aid Workers

Internet Services in Nigeria Recently Expanded to Aid Workers

To maintain and improve services in eleven operational locations across the region, the organization needs a total of $1.16 million.  During humanitarian disasters, ETC, a global network of organizations, works together to provide shared communications services.

1,230 users from 91 institutions were able to access data last month thanks to the donation made possible by ETC. In the region, 77 NGOs and 14 UN agencies are active.

The highlight for the relief workers was also configuring, installing, and assembling two CrisisNet kits.

In places where national networks are unreliable or nonexistent, the CrisisNet kit is a mobile connectivity option meant to provide internet access to aid workers.

ETC’s Goals to Update its Cyber Architecture

To test recently purchased firewall cyber equipment that was installed into the ETC connectivity network, the cluster worked with WFP as part of the ETC’s goals to update its cyber architecture.

Oluwashina Oni, ETC information management officer stated that: “The ETC is currently monitoring the firewall’s performance and adjusting the needs based on feedback, before deploying the same solution in seven other locations.”

The northeast part of Nigeria is the hub of terror by Islamist groups, primarily Boko Haram.  Since the violence began in 2009, thousands of people have been killed, and 1.2 million have been displaced.

Certain telecommunications infrastructures have been damaged. This has discouraged operators from investing.



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