Kenya is Set to Launch its First Geothermal-Powered Data Centre

Kenya is set to launch its first Geothermal-Powered Data Centre. Kenya and the United Arab Emirates have signed a Memorandum of Agreement to build the world’s first geothermal data center.

Kenya is Set to Launch its First Geothermal-Powered Data Centre


Kenya is Set to Launch its First Geothermal-Powered Data Centre

The agreement was signed on Wednesday in front of President William Ruto and UAE Ambassador to Kenya, Salim Ibrahim Binahmed Mohamed Alnaqbi, by Kenya’s EcoCloud and the UAE’s G42.

Amos Siwoi, the creator and CEO of EcoCloud said “By harnessing geothermal energy, we are not only meeting the region’s data needs but also setting a new standard for eco-friendly infrastructure.”

According to Peng Xiao, the Group Chief Executive Officer of G42, “This geothermal-powered data center is a milestone towards realizing Kenya’s potential as a global digital hub and fulfilling our mission of making intelligence accessible to everyone, everywhere.”

What is the UAE’s G42?

G42 is an international developer of artificial intelligence systems, while EcoCloud is a provider of data center solutions.

The project, according to the firms, aims to build a 100MW initial facility that will be expanded over time to make use of Kenya’s significant untapped geothermal potential.

Additionally, they claimed that while operating at full capacity, the 1GW mega data center facility will help save the environment, lessen Kenya’s dependency on fossil fuels, and cut down on carbon emissions.

This Kenyan development coincides with the increased examination of data centers’ environmental effects.

Data Center by EcoCloud in Kenya and G42

Concerns regarding their potential effects on the environment, particularly about energy consumption, carbon emissions, and trash generation, continue to grow as a result of their fast spread throughout Africa.

However, some businesses have attempted to make their data centers more environmentally friendly over time.

The building of a data center by EcoCloud in Kenya and G42 in the United Arab Emirates will accelerate Kenya’s rise to prominence as a global digital hub.

President Ruto stated, “The first-ever geothermal data center sets a new standard for environmentally friendly infrastructure and positions Kenya as a leader in sustainable industrialization.”




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