MTN Uganda Now Operates on Fewer Diesel Generators

MTN Uganda now operates on fewer diesel generators. In 2023, MTN Uganda connected 2,329 sites to the grid, eliminating the need for backup diesel generators and upgrading 3,241 cell sites which is 92% of total sites to solar and lithium-ion battery storage as the primary power source.

MTN Uganda Now Operates on Fewer Diesel Generators

The information was disclosed today by MTN Uganda CEO Sylvia Mulinge at the presentation of financial results for the fiscal year that ends in December 2023.

MTN Uganda Now Operates on Fewer Diesel Generators

She stated, “We registered a 60.5% reduction in carbon emissions in line with our Net Zero goals,” outlining how MTN is growing its sustainability programs and trying to give its governance, social, and environmental objectives priority.

Shortly after signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Ericsson at the Mobile World Congress to explore opportunities to develop and promote ICT solutions for the decarbonization of the telco group’s value chain ecosystem, the company announced a reduction in carbon emissions.

The MTN Group and its operating companies have committed to achieving gender parity in the workforce by 2030, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 47% by 2030, and reaching Net Zero by 2040. They have also promised to boost rural broadband penetration to 95% by 2025.

MTN Has Achieved One of its Main Goals

Additionally, Mulinge announced today that MTN has achieved one of its main goals for the year improving network efficiency by acquiring additional spectrum.

“We upgraded our existing infrastructure and expanded our network with an investment of Ush353.5 billion excluding leases, as we work towards fulfilling our coverage and quality of service obligations,” the spokesperson said in her explanation.

“We were able to expand our 4G LTE coverage by 6.7 percentage points (pp) to 85.1%, while our 3G and 2G coverage increased to 92.6% and 98.6%, respectively, thanks to the deployment of an additional 350 sites.”

MTN Uganda is Identified as the Mobile Provider With the Highest Internet Speed This Year

She said that the telecom launched 37 sites at the end of the year, making it the first network in Uganda to go live on 5G.

“User-initiated tests done in Uganda by Ookla, a global leader in mobile and broadband network intelligence, identified MTN Uganda as the mobile provider with the highest internet speed this year,” she said. Operational performance-wise, voice revenue increased by 11.6% annually because of improved voice traffic growth and better bundling with MTN.

In terms of other measures, data revenue increased by 21.6% over the year, helped by a 22.4% rise in active data subscribers. Fintech revenue grew by 17.6%, driven by growth in MTN basic revenue deposit, withdrawal, and peer-to-peer transactions.

MTN’s Investments in Network Capacity Increases Caused Capital Expenditures

However, this growth in MTN’s advanced revenue portfolio was somewhat slower than expected due to difficulties with credit scoring in the company’s lending offering. Stronger revenue performance and targeted operational efficiency, according to the corporation, helped EBITDA grow by 16.3%.

Profit after taxes climbed by 21.4% to Ush493.0 billion, with a greater profit margin of 18.5% compared to 17.8% in FY 2022. MTN’s investments in network capacity increases caused capital expenditures to rise by 5.5% to Ush 353.5 billion.




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