Liquid C2 Reportedly Signed an Agreement with Google Cloud and Anthropic

The need for cloud services is rising in Africa along with the use of generative AI, but security and raising security issues. Today, Liquid C2 announced a significant push to bring these services across the continent. Liquid C2 reportedly signed an agreement with Google Cloud and Anthropic.

Liquid C2 Reportedly Signed Agreements with Google Cloud and Anthropic

Liquid C2 Reportedly Signed an Agreement with Google Cloud and Anthropic

As worries increase, Liquid C2 today unveiled a significant plan to offer these services to Africa. To give businesses around the continent access to the cloud, cyber security, and generative AI (GenAI) capabilities, Liquid C2 has partnered with Google Cloud and the artificial intelligence (AI) startup Anthropic.

Cassava Technologies’ Liquid C2 announced that it will be one of Google Cloud’s top Managed Security Service Providers in Africa, fusing its own security consulting experience with Google Cloud’s security solutions.

Additionally, the company claims that by partnering with Anthropic, Liquid C2 will be able to provide its clients with access to the combined power of Anthropic’s and Google Cloud’s AI models through Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, helping them create and implement solutions for their cloud environments.

Furthermore, Liquid C2 said that it will offer Google Workspace throughout Africa in its capacity as a strategic partner for Google Cloud’s offerings.

The business stated that Google Workspace is “designed to facilitate team connections in a cloud-native environment, with embedded generative AI tools to help employees create content and achieve greater productivity and collaboration in the workplace.”

Collaborating with Anthropic to Create AI Solutions for Big Businesses

Liquid C2 announced in a different but related development that it is also directly collaborating with Anthropic to create AI solutions for big businesses that “want to improve productivity and revenue growth.”

The partnership, according to Liquid C2, “presents opportunities” for African firms, regardless of industry or organization size, to utilize GenAI.

Co-founder and executive chairman of Cassava Technologies, Strive Masiyiwa, commented on the partnership: “Our partnerships with these two technology firms will help us deliver AI-powered solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities in Africa’s digital transformation journey.”

“Together, we are setting new benchmarks for these solutions that cater to the complex needs of a diverse clientele.”

Transforming How African Businesses Serve and Engage Their Customers

“This partnership has the potential to transform how African businesses serve and engage their customers as we provide them with a foundation for innovation,” stated Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud.

“Combining Anthropic’s steerable AI with Google Cloud’s secure, scalable infrastructure means this partnership has huge potential to enable African companies to grow,” stated Daniela Amodei, president of Anthropic.



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