Telsa Is Set To Lay Off Over 10 Percent of Its Workforce According To Reports

Telsa is set to lay off over 10 percent of its workforce according to reports and also loses top executives. The layoffs, which have been reported to be worldwide, are expected to affect at least 14,000 employees as the firm gears itself for the next growth phase cycle.

Telsa to Lay Off Over 10 Percent of Its Workforce

Telsa to Lay Off Over 10 Percent of Its Workforce

In a surprising turn of events, Tesla, the pioneering electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has announced plans to lay off over ten percent of its global workforce, following a recent decline in vehicle deliveries and amidst strategic shifts within the company.

This decision revealed through an internal company-wide email obtained by Electrek, underscores Tesla’s efforts to streamline operations and adapt to evolving market dynamics.

The email, attributed to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, expressed the necessity of the layoffs despite his aversion to such measures, citing the need for the company to remain agile, innovative, and poised for future growth opportunities.

While the exact teams affected by the layoffs remain unspecified, the move signals a significant restructuring within Tesla’s organizational framework.

Senior Vice President to Depart the Company

Notably, senior vice president Drew Bagliano is reported to be departing from the company as part of the workforce reduction. Bagliano’s departure, alongside the disappearance of Tesla badges from executive profiles on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter), underscores the magnitude of the organizational changes taking place within the company.

Challenges Faced By Tesla

This announcement comes amidst a series of challenges faced by Tesla, including a recent miss in delivery estimates and a projected slowdown in sales growth.

Additionally, the company’s decision to pivot away from plans to produce an affordable Model 2, in favor of focusing on a new robotaxi initiative, reflects a strategic realignment in response to shifting market dynamics and competitive pressures.

Tesla’s Position as the Leading EV Manufacturer

Furthermore, Tesla’s position as the leading EV manufacturer has faced increasing competition from Chinese counterparts, particularly as Chinese manufacturers ramp up production of more affordable EVs.

This competition culminated in Tesla losing its title as the world’s top EV maker to China’s BYD last year, highlighting the intensifying rivalry in the global EV market

Despite these challenges, Tesla remains a formidable player in the EV industry, driven by its relentless pursuit of innovation, technological advancement, and commitment to sustainable transportation.

As the company navigates these transitions, stakeholders and industry observers alike are closely monitoring Tesla’s strategic moves and their implications for the future of electric mobility.

Telsa’s Layoffs since the Previous Year

In 2023, Tesla faced significant challenges that led to a series of layoffs across its workforce. These layoffs were part of the company’s efforts to streamline operations, optimize efficiency, and adapt to evolving market dynamics.

Overall, Tesla’s layoffs since 2023 reflected the company’s proactive approach to adapt to market dynamics, optimize operational efficiency, and position itself for long-term success in the dynamic automotive industry.

As Tesla continues to navigate challenges and pursue its strategic objectives, stakeholders and industry observers remain attentive to the company’s trajectory and future growth prospects.


In conclusion, Tesla’s announcement of workforce layoffs underscores the company’s ongoing efforts to adapt to a rapidly evolving market landscape and position itself for future success.

While these organizational changes may entail short-term challenges, they reflect Tesla’s commitment to maintaining agility, efficiency, and competitiveness in the dynamic EV market.

As Tesla continues to navigate these transitions, the industry awaits with anticipation to see how these strategic maneuvers will shape the future trajectory of the electric vehicle giant.



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