Ebury’s Recent Collaboration with dLocal a Strategic Move

Ebury’s recent collaboration with dLocal is a strategic move aimed at expanding its presence in Africa following its acquisition of Prime Financial Markets in 2023. This partnership is expected to empower Ebury’s clients to penetrate Africa’s dynamic markets more effectively.

Ebury's Recent Collaboration with dLocal a Strategic Move
Ebury’s Recent Collaboration with dLocal a Strategic Move

Ebury’s Recent Collaboration With dLocal a Strategic Move

As a global fintech company operating in 25 countries with 38 offices worldwide, Ebury has experienced significant growth, expanding its global transaction volumes by 32% to over £25.5 billion in the fiscal year 2023.

Offering a comprehensive suite of products including international payments and collections, business lending, and forex risk management, Ebury is well-positioned to cater to diverse financial needs.

On the other hand, dLocal, a NASDAQ-listed payments platform originating from Uruguay, specializes in facilitating connections between global enterprise merchants and consumers in emerging markets.

Through this collaboration, Ebury aims to streamline payment processes for its clients, particularly in emerging markets where reliability and transparency are crucial.

Ebury’s Clients Liquidity and Competitive Rates

Joe Kemsley, Ebury’s Head of Product Strategy, emphasized the importance of ensuring seamless payment experiences, particularly in emerging markets.

He highlighted how partnering with dLocal enables Ebury to provide its clients with dependability and a superior experience.

Agustin Botta, dLocal’s Head of EMEA, underscored the rapidly evolving payments landscape and outlined the partnership’s objective of offering Ebury’s clients liquidity and competitive rates.

Leveraging dLocal’s extensive on-ground banking network, the collaboration seeks to facilitate Ebury’s clients’ expansion into emerging economies with confidence and ease.



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