Camtel Pledges Support for Women’s Inclusion in Cameroon

Camtel, the state-owned telecommunications company, has committed to advocating for greater women’s inclusion in the telecom sector and promoting their participation in Cameroon’s digital economy.

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Camtel Pledges Support for Women’s Inclusion in Cameroon’s Telecom Sector

During the Camtel Women’s Day event held in Yaounde, Judith Yah Sunday Achidi, the General Manager of Camtel, emphasized the ongoing gender disparities in Cameroon that disadvantage women and hinder their access to the opportunities offered by technology.

Recognizing the importance of adopting a gender-sensitive approach to digital development, Camtel has forged agreements with female tech entrepreneurs, women-led businesses, and organizations.

These agreements aim to facilitate access to Camtel’s services and provide financial assistance to support various initiatives, including exposing girls to coding and digitizing business processes.

The initiatives underscore Camtel’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable telecom sector in Cameroon, empowering women and girls to actively participate in the digital transformation of the country.



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