Cell C Shows Significant Improvement in Network Experience Metrics

Cell C, a prominent telecommunications provider in South Africa, has demonstrated considerable improvement in key network experience metrics, as highlighted in a recent report by OpenSignal.

Cell C Shows Significant Improvement in Network Experience Metrics
Cell C Shows Significant Improvement in Network Experience Metrics

This progress coincides with Cell C’s transition to partner networks operated by larger competitors, MTN and Vodacom, and the decommissioning of its radio access network.

Cell C Shows Significant Improvement in Network Experience Metrics

According to the OpenSignal Mobile Experience Awards report, covering the period from November 1, 2023, to January 29, 2024, Cell C exhibited notable advancements in categories such as video experience and live video experience.

The report indicates that Cell C achieved joint leadership status with major network operators in these areas, showcasing substantial enhancements in user experience.

OpenSignal, using in-app software on its platform and partner apps, collects measurements from user devices under normal usage conditions. The data gathered from over 100 million users globally is analyzed to compile reports with a regional focus.

“There is no statistically significant difference in the on-demand video experience scores across all four networks. As a result, Cell C, MTN, Telkom, and Vodacom share the podium for video experience,” said the report.

The overall quality of streaming on-demand video online in South Africa is rated as ‘fair,’ indicating that users can stream video at 720p or better with reasonable loading times and minimal buffering.

Cell C Commendable Progress in Network Consistency

Additionally, Cell C demonstrated commendable progress in network consistency, with a 10-percentage point improvement in its score compared to the previous report.

While Vodacom secured the top position in this category, Cell C’s enhanced performance is noteworthy.

MTN, Cell C’s roaming partner for prepaid and mobile virtual network operator customers, emerged as the provider delivering the best overall experience, as reported by its users.

Vodacom, responsible for managing Cell C’s post-paid customer base, secured the second position overall, with notable wins in the 5G experience category. Telkom also achieved significant success, particularly in the network availability category.

Cell C’s Migration to Partner Networks

MTN garnered the highest number of awards, winning seven out of 15 categories outright and sharing three awards with its competitors due to statistical ties, underscoring its dominance in the telecommunications landscape.

Overall, Cell C’s migration to partner networks and strategic collaborations with industry leaders have led to tangible improvements in network performance and user experience, positioning the company competitively in the market.



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