Arizona State University Partners with OpenAI to Use ChatGPT in Classrooms

Arizona State University partners with OpenAI to use ChatGPT in classrooms. This simply means that both students and faculty can now expect more AI on campus.

Arizona State University Partners With OpenAI

Arizona State University Partners With OpenAI

Arizona State University (ASU) and OpenAI just recently announced a partnership to be into the classrooms of ASU, ChatGPT.

ASU in a press release stated that it wants to focus on ““three key areas of concentration” where it can effectively make use of ChatGPT Enterprise, like “enhancing student success, forging new avenues for innovative research, and streamlining organizational processes.”

ASU deputy chief information officer Kyle Bowen revealed to The Verge, “Our faculty and staff were already using ChatGPT, and after the launch of ChatGPT Enterprise, which for us addressed a lot of the security concerns we had, we believed it made sense to connect with OpenAI.” He also added that ASU faculty members, some of whom have expertise in AI, will reportedly help guide the utilization of generative AI on campus.

The University Will Start Accepting Project Submissions in February

Starting in February, the university will start accepting project submissions from faculty and students for potential applications of ChatGPT. Anne Jones, the vice provost for undergraduate education, mentioned in an interview that some professors are already integrating generative AI into their classes.

For instance, certain composition classes utilize AI to enhance writing skills, while journalism classes leverage AI platforms for creating multimedia stories. Additionally, there is potential for chatbots to serve as personalized tutors for ASU students, according to Jones.

Universities Serve As Valuable Testing Grounds

Jones and Bowen highlight that universities serve as valuable testing grounds for various use cases of generative AI. This initiative at the university demonstrates the ongoing exploration and integration of AI technologies into educational settings for diverse applications.

“Universities hope to foster critical thinking, so we never considered closing ourselves off from the technology. We want to help determine the conditions in which this technology can be used in education,” Jones stated.

ASU AI Accelerator Program

In the previous year, ASU initiated an AI accelerator program, facilitating collaboration among researchers and engineers to develop AI-powered services. The university also introduced prompt engineering classes to foster AI literacy, emphasizing the importance of understanding and working with AI technologies.

The Partnership between OpenAI and ASU

The partnership between OpenAI and ASU marks a significant milestone as the first collaboration between OpenAI and an educational institution. OpenAI has been progressively establishing partnerships with various public-facing organizations. Notably, the company announced a deal with the Pennsylvania state government to implement ChatGPT Enterprise for certain state employees. These collaborations underscore the expanding reach and application of OpenAI’s technologies in diverse sectors and settings.



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