ASU Acceptance Rate 2023 | Admission Processes

Arizona State University (ASU)  offers 400+ four-year undergraduate degree programs on four campuses and through ASU Online For full-time and part-time students, if you’re thinking about applying to ASU this year, you should be aware of the acceptance rate. Knowing about the ASU Acceptance Rate 2023 can help you create a compelling and competitive application.

ASU Acceptance Rate 2023
ASU Acceptance Rate 2023

Students frequently wonder if Arizona State University will accept them when they apply. According to available data from fall 2022, Arizona State University admitted 15,151 out of 68,789 applicants, resulting in an acceptance rate of 89.8%.

At first look, ASU’s high acceptance rate suggests that it is a simple college to get into. However, when reviewing the GPA requirements for admission, it is clear that reaching the university’s academic standards may be difficult.

A Brief History Of Arizona State University

Arizona State Institution (ASU) is a public research institution located in the Phoenix metropolitan area. ASUU, founded in 1885 by the 13th Arizona Territorial Legislature, is one of the biggest public colleges in the United States in terms of enrollment. ASU’s commitment to innovation has been recognized, with the university ranking first in the US News and World Report innovation rankings. Furthermore, it is ranked #46 among the top public schools in the country. The university is especially well-known for its outstanding undergraduate programs in management, engineering, artificial intelligence, and marketing.

Arizona  State University Acceptance Rate

In fall 2022, ASU welcomed 15,151 incoming first-year students out of 68,789 students, with an acceptance rate of 89.8% of student applicants, underscoring the university’s commitment to educational access.

SAT, ACT, GPA And Class Rank Of ASU

  • SAT: The Average SAT score projected by ASU is  1120 for residents and  1180 nonresidents in the high school graduating class
  • ACT: ASU’s s estimated ACT score is 22 for residents and 24 for non-residents
  • GPA: Prospective ASU students frequently inquire about the minimal GPA required for admission. Prospects are encouraged to aim at an average GPA   of GPA in competency courses (4.00 = “A”)
  • Class Rank: Arizona considers applicants from the top 25% of high school graduating class.

ASU Requirement And Admission Process

ASU takes several things into account before offering admission to its prospects. Let’s look at some of the factors they treat as “Very Important”. They are as follows:

  • Top 25% in high school graduating class
  • Competency courses with a 3.00 GPA (4.00 equals “A”)
  • A minimum ACT score of 24 for non-residents and 22 for residents
  • SAT score of 1120 for residents and 1180 nonresidents.
  • Course work.

How To Apply For Arizona State University

  1. Submit your application online using either ASU’s Application for Admission or the Common Application.
  2. Submit your nonrefundable application fee
  • Arizona residents: $50
  • International nonresidents: $85
  • Domestic nonresidents: $80
  • ASU Online: $70
  1. If you do not self-report your high school grades in the application, you must have your high school send an official copy of your transcripts to ASU.
  2. You do not need to submit ACT or SAT results for admission. However, you can provide them to ASU for course placement or additional information. When registering for the test, make sure to request that your ACT or College Board scores be sent to ASU.

  3. ASU will consider your application once you have completed all of these stages.
  4. Complete the FAFSA.

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