The Stainless Steel Apple Watch Series 8 with LTE Is Currently $175 Off       

The stainless steel Apple Watch Series 8 with LTE is currently $175 off. You can also purchase refurbished Sony WF-1000XM5 earbuds for a whopping 50% off, a significantly discounted Ryzen 5 CPU, Apple’s MagSafe Duo at a new all-time low price, and many more.

The Stainless Steel Apple Watch Series 8

The Stainless Steel Apple Watch Series 8

If you’re in the market for a new Apple Watch, there’s an opportunity to snag a substantial discount on the cellular-equipped Series 8 at Best Buy. The 41mm Apple Watch Series 8 in graphite stainless steel is currently available for $314.99, offering a discount of about $175 from the current market price and more than half off the original MSRP.

This deal applies to both the small/medium and medium/large sports band options. Given that the Series 8 is becoming increasingly hard to find brand new, this represents a rare clearance sale.

Specs and Features

While the Apple Watch Series 8 is a previous-generation smartwatch, it remains highly functional. The main differences from the newest model, the Series 9, include the absence of the latest S9 processor, precision finding (only usable with iPhone 15), and the one-handed double-tap gesture.

These features, however, are not revolutionary and don’t justify passing up significant savings. Additionally, the Series 9 is expected to lose some functionality due to a court ruling in a patent dispute, forcing the removal of blood oxygen sensors from models sold in the United States, which are still present in the Apple Watch Series 8 for now.



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