Whatsapp Encryption: Features of WhatsApp

Everyone wants to feel secure and private in whatever they are doing. That is why WhatsApp has made that feature available and it is called end-to-end encryption.

Whatsapp Encryption

Before we go into the encryption of WhatsApp, let’s talk about Whatsapp itself. Whatsapp is a social media application where people send messages individually or in groups. Just like facetime or any application, you can also use WhatsApp for video calls and voice calls.

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Whatsapp Encryption

Encryption could also be termed as privacy or probably security. This feature is all about your privacy and security. Whatsapp End-to-end encryption secures your conversations with others. All your messages and calls either video or voice care secured between the people you have business with.

According to WhatsApp product manager Calvin Pappas “we have been working on this problem for many years and to build this, we had to develop an entirely new framework for key storage and cloud storage that can be used across the world’s largest operating system”. This was one of the facing challenges of WhatsApp.

End-to-end encryption on WhatsApp wades off cyber criminals and hackers from accessing your chats and messages. So many countries can access WhatsApp and as a result, some people do business and make payments with financial institutions on WhatsApp. Your card and bank numbers are stored as encrypted for security purposes.

Features of WhatsApp

  • With WhatsApp you can message your friends and family for free using your internet connection instead of SMS messages that might be limited.
  • Group chats: You want to keep in touch with important people like your family or fellow workers at work. You can even customize your group chat and notification.
  • If your phone is not accessible, you can use Whatsapp on your desktop through two methods. By downloading the desktop app or by going to your web browser and visiting web.whatsapp.com to keep the conversation going.
  • Another feature of WhatsApp is the WhatsApp video and Voice calls. If you have missed the voice of your loved one and would love to hear their voice then WhatsApp voice calls got you covered, another feature is the ability to see your loved ones yet still far from them, which is possible with WhatsApp video calls.
  • WhatsApp provides you with security and privacy with the use of end-to-end encryption. All of your special and personal moments are built with end-to-end encryption.
  • You can share moments with the use of pictures and videos with those that are important to you. Those in long-distance relationships or far from family and loved ones could share moments.
  • Voice Notes: with the help of this feature you can freely convey messages, especially long messages you might feel tired to type.
  • You could not send in your work directly to your boss? The document feature got you covered. You could send in your document and pdf works.

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Types of WhatsApp

We have different types of modified apps of the original WhatsApp with one similarity which is chatting but have different features and functions. Which are:


YoWhatsApp is an android package that is a modified version of WhatsApp. Let’s talk more about it and give details. The full size of YoWhatsapp is 35.36 MB. It is accessible on the play store or apple store but you can get it from third-party sites. Be aware of the site you download it from so to prevent you from downloading viruses on your device.

Features of YoWhatsapp

Everyone is unique and different in their way. So is YoWhatsApp from WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp has unique features that make it different. We would be looking into:

  1. YoWhatsApp gives you access to communicate with different languages.
  2. You can save your themes in a zip file that gives you access to transfer to another device.
  3. You can give your group members different colors especially those with the same name.
  4. You change the color of the ticks that show read messages.
  5. You can send once a message of around 700 MB.
  6. YoWhatsApp gives you access to set your name on the app screen.
  7. With YoWhatsApp you can pin over 100 chats.
  8. You have privacy in your groups and chat.
  9. Your status words can be 250 long.
  10. You change the app icon.
  11. You can get different emojis from the library.
  12. The group message counter is present in the app.
  13. There is a feature called call privacy which means you can select who can call you.
  14. You can change the font style of names and statues.

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This is another modified app of WhatsApp. With FMWhatsapp you can access new and cool features. You can personalize your app with the freedom of customization making it look the way you want it. It has a size of 51 MB and was developed by FM Mods.

Features of FM Whatsapp

Just like we saw that YoWhatsapp has unique features that are also the same as FMWhatsapp. We would be looking into:

  1. You can change the icons of the app by changing the colors and icon graphics to your taste.
  2. You can deactivate the video calling feature.
  3. You can pin 100 chats with this FMWhatsapp.
  4. You can create a group chat of 500 people.
  5. You can send 60 images once to a particular person.


This is another unique modified app of Whatsapp with unique features. It has a space of about 48 MB.

Features of Whatsapp

  1. Pre-message schedule: this amazing feature comes in handy. In a situation when you forget to chat with your loved ones, this feature allows you to put down a message and schedule when it would be sent. So when it gets to that time it automatically sends the message.
  2. You can download your friend’s statuses you like right from the status. This is one feature that makes this WhatsApp unique from the original WhatsApp.

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Is WhatsApp secured?

Indeed WhatsApp is secured. All your private message remain private and stays between you and those you sent them to. And no one can access them not even WhatsApp can access them.

How does encryption work?

Whatsapp encryption works through the signal encryption protocol to combine multiple cryptographic techniques beginning with public key encryption. In which every user has a pair of randomly generated keys. The key remains private and is been distributed publicly.

Can my WhatsApp account be hacked?

This is likely to happen with third-party apps. There are third-party apps that can easily hack into your WhatsApp account to steal private data. This is done by getting the app, and you install it and activate it on the targeted phone. This is how you get the third-party app.

How to know when someone views my status?

First thing is to go to your WhatsApp app> then navigate to your status tab> Next click on my status with that you would see a list of statuses> To see your views you swipe up the icon under your status that looks like an eye. There you would know if someone views your status.

Can someone read my WhatsApp message without me knowing?

Yes, that can happen when they turn off their read receipt on their WhatsApp settings. You can do that by going to your settings> you would see a lot of options but you would click on the first option which is “Accounts”> after clicking on accounts, you would different options choose privacy> there you would see the read receipts option.

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