Facebook WhatsApp button – Connect your WhatsApp Business Account with your Facebook Page

What is this Facebook WhatsApp button all about? Facebook has for a few years, been able to let Facebook Pages and WhatsApp be connected through the advertising platform. Customers can connect the WhatsApp functionality to their Facebook page.

Facebook WhatsApp button

The monetization of Whatsapp by Facebook has taken another step. Now advertisers can include a button that is actually connected to an organic post that has been boosted. This allows users to contact them via the new messaging app.

When customers see an advertiser or a company’s Ad on Facebook and they click on the messenger button, it lets them connect and communicate with that particular company’s page through instant messages.

Facebook WhatsApp Button

The reason for the Facebook WhatsApp button is because WhatsApp is one app used most frequently around our community. The app has brought in a new wave of availability and communication among smartphone users and being as fitting as it is, it can effortlessly be used as a community management platform by your brand.

With the primer of WhatsApp for Business, it has now turned out to be stress-free for brands to create their business profile on this app to connect with their customers.

One of the key motives why digital marketing has become as big and powerful as it has is because it’s convenient. You can reach any brand, at any time, wherever you are. And because of its rapid growth, a brand should have multiple touchpoints through which it can talk to its customers.

Connect your WhatsApp Business Account with your Facebook Page

To connect your WhatsApp business account with your Facebook Page is quite easy, just follow the steps below;

  • Navigate to your Facebook business Page.
  • Click Settings.
  • In the column on the left-hand side, click WhatsApp.
  • Choose your country code.
  • Enter your WhatsApp number and click Send code.
  • Input the code and click Confirm.

How to Connect your Whatsapp Number to Facebook Page

Below are the procedures to connecting your WhatsApp number to Facebook;

  • Step 1: Go to Facebook page settings and look for the WhatsApp tab
  • Step 2: Enter your WhatsApp number and click ‘Send Code’ Facebook will then send you a verification code.
  • Step 3; verify the code by entering it in the popup.
  • Step 4: Add Button to your Page; you can add the WhatsApp button to your Page. It will appear right below your cover image.

How to Add Whatsapp Button to Facebook

Below are your WhatsApp button to Facebook;

  • Step 1: Open Ads Manager and navigate to Ads Creation.
  • Step 2: Choose your objective. …
  • Step 3: Select WhatsApp in the “Message Destination” section.
  • Step 4: Define your audience, budget, and campaign schedule specifications.
  • Step 5: Choose the images, text, and headline for your ad in “Ad Setup.”
  • Step 6: Review your campaign and then click “Confirm.

Facebook advertising offers a variety of unique ways to communicate with your audience. It even allows you to start conversations that are open to other Facebook-owned platforms, such as WhatsApp. you can get more details on the Facebook WhatsApp button by clicking here.


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