WhatsApp Now Allows Users to Message Themselves

Now, it seems that WhatsApp is allowing its iOS and Android Users to Message themselves. Message Yourself, this WhatsApp feature allows you to send messages to yourself, and it would be made available to users in the weeks to come.

WhatsApp Now Allows Users to Message Themselves

The Meta-owned online message platform has now confirmed the feature with TechCrunch, stating that it would reach out to all iPhone and Android users. In October, WhatsApp updates and features tracker WABetaInfo reported that the platform is creating features that make it a lot easier for users to address messages to themselves. However, back then, Meta carried out the test using the features with a limited number of beta testers via WhatsApp beta for Android v2.22.24.2.

WhatsApp Now Allows Users to Message Themselves

Users are expected to expect WhatsApp to release the update very soon, on both the Google Play Store and Apple app store. Usually, when a feature is released worldwide, it would take some days before everybody would be able to fully make use of the feature.

Making use of the message yourself feature, you should be able to maintain a digital diary on WhatsApp to keep some details handy along with recent conversations, such as a to-do list, a shopping list, reminders, and many more. You can even choose to write notes to yourself and mark them to refer to in the future. The message yourself feature works like notes on devices.

There is already a similar feature already exists on rival messaging platforms. Let’s say, the signal has the Note to self-feature, this allows the users to create some personal notes. Elsewhere, telegram offers a Saved Message feature that allows users to bookmark messages for future access.

How Does Message Yourself Feature Work

When the feature is available, you should notice that your name would be located at the top of the contact list, which would pop up while you are creating a new chat, group or community. Once you tap on the name, WhatsApp would redirect you to the screen where you get to chat with yourself. In this chat, you get to send text messages, documents, voice notes, links GIFs, and many more.

Plus, you should be able to pin the self-chat at the top of your inbox in other to avoid having to search at the last minute. You would also receive notifications concerning the messages that you send directly to yourself. All-in-all, this new feature would make it a lot easier for users, especially for all those who list their daily schedule and some other important thing to remember in WhatsApp chats.

Other Ways to Create a Message Yourself Contact

WhatsApp users previously used several workarounds to create a chat where they get to message themselves. First, the “Click to chat feature would allow the users to start a conversation with someone without saving their contact details on their phone.

Another way for you to send messages and media files directly to yourself is for you to create a group with your friends and take out everybody. When you take out everybody, the group would not be deleted, but you would be left with a group where you can chat with yourself alone. But, this message yourself feature would take out the stress of having to create a group or something.


Can you message yourself on WhatsApp?

The feature also remains available to some Android users that are on WhatsApp version to see if you have the self DM feature, start a new chat, and see if your own contact pops up at the top of your contact list.

Can WhatsApp Read Your Text?

WhatsApp cannot see your personal message or even hear your calls, and neither can Meta. Whatever you choose to share stays between you. this is mainly because your personal messages are protected by end-to-end encryption.

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