How to Set up Microsoft Office for iPad

In this article, I would be giving you details on How to Set up Microsoft Office for iPad. The large screen of your iPad makes working on Microsoft office more comfortable.

How to Set up Microsoft Office for iPad

Using Microsoft office on a small screen would be terrible and frustrating to cope with because you have to start scrolling through the page to be able to view the other parts of Microsoft.

Getting Started with Microsoft Office

To begin with, you have to download the Microsoft office 365 app or download the individual application which can be Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. The next thing you should be aware of is that from your home screen you choose recommended files or tap on the plus sign which is also on the home screen.

Still, on the home screen, you can tap on the actions icon to scan and convert documents to PDFs. To begin the startup of Microsoft Office on your iPad then you have to get Microsoft office first.

To begin with, you can get access to downloading Microsoft Office from the apple store if your device is running the iOS 12 or more operating system. With Microsoft Office, you can create, edit, and print different categories of documents. You would need a Microsoft ID by logging into your Microsoft account with your email address and password. If your budget does not match any of the paid Microsoft Office, getting the free one means you need to have an Office 365 subscription.

How to Install Microsoft Office for iPad

We have discovered that the only problem with getting or installing Microsoft on your iPad depends on the iPad device you are using. The iPad must have less than 10.1lin. The following are the steps to downloading and installing Microsoft Office for iPad.

  • You can download Microsoft Office in the app store by typing into the search bar “Microsoft Office 365 app.
  • Make sure to have a stable network to have a successful download. After a successful download, you click on the open button to open the app.
  • When you open the app you would be told to log in to your Microsoft account if you already have one but if you do not have one, then you should create an account for yourself to access some features.

Setting Up Your Office On iOS

You have installed Microsoft Office then it is time to set it up the Microsoft Office:

  • The first step here is for you to Sign In. This means having a personal account under Microsoft Office. Like I said at getting started you could enjoy cool features if you sign in to Microsoft Office.
  • The next step is to upgrade your Office 365. This step comes in when you are using an older version of Microsoft Office like Office 2016 or Office 2019. But note that this option is optional, not mandatory, so you could choose to go using the old version or upgrade.
  • You have to choose the option of improving your Office experience.
  • With this, you are ready to start creating documents and other features you choose to use Microsoft Word with.

Different Versions of Microsoft 365

There are different versions of Microsoft 365 and there are prices that go with it and also where you could get them.

  • Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus (PC) at Ꞥ8,742.47 (€90) you could get this price from
  • Office 365 Pro Plus – Lifetime Account 2022 at Ꞥ6,999.00 from
  • Office 365 Plus Pro for Windows and Mac- Lifetime License at Ꞥ4,500.00 from
  • Office 365 for Business- 5 users- Lifetime at Ꞥ8,500.00 from
  • Office 365 Professional Plus 2021 at Ꞥ6,999.00 from
  • Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 (Mac) at Ꞥ13,830.68 (€29.90) from
  • Office 365 Professional Plus 5TB- One drive Etc – 1 License Key at Ꞥ4000.00 at
  • Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus-Lifetime Subscription. At Ꞥ9,999.00 from
  • Office 365 Professional Plus Account-Lifetime 2022 at Ꞥ7,999.00 from
  • Microsoft Office Home and student 2016 (PC) at Ꞥ6,892.21 (€14.90) from
  • Office 365 Personal Download version at Ꞥ7,500.00 from
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 Product Key (download version) at Ꞥ29,999.00 from
  • Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus 2021- 5 Users at Ꞥ29,999.00 at
  • Office 365 Professional Plus 2020 at Ꞥ4,999.00 from
  • Microsoft Office 365 Personal – 1 user at Ꞥ35,000.00 from
  • Office 365 Professional Plus Account – Lifetime subscription at Ꞥ9,999.00 from
  • Office 365 Professional Plus 2021 (account) at Ꞥ8,999.00 from
  • Office Professional Plus 2021 Product Key – Download version at Ꞥ4,999.00 from
  • Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional (PC) at Ꞥ6,892.21 (€14.90) from
  • Microsoft Office 365 Personal at Ꞥ29,450.00 from

And there are many more varieties of Microsoft Office you can get on different legit sites if this Microsoft Office is not okay by you.


How Do I Put Microsoft Office On My iPad?

There is a way to install the Office all-in-one application On iPad. On the App store, you type in Microsoft Office on the search bar to download Microsoft Office 365 app. When it shows up you click on the download button to download the app. After downloading click on Open to get started.

Is Microsoft Office Free on iPad?

Is Microsoft office free on iPad? Yes, Microsoft Office is free for download on the App store and any other iPhone or iPad using the iOS 12 or more operating system.

How Much Does It Cost to get Microsoft Word on My iPad?

You can get Microsoft Word free on iPad but to be able to use Office 365 sharing or collaboration features, you would need a subscription. On the new and updated Microsoft Office for iPad, you would be offered various in-app subscription options at $6.99 per month.

Is Microsoft Office free for Apple Users?

You would need a Microsoft 365 subscription or a one-time purchase of Office 2021 to use Microsoft Word on your Mac. The Microsoft 365 subscription costs $69.99 annually if for home or personal use version. While the Microsoft 365 Business basic cost $5 per month.

Can I Print from an iPad?

You can print from your iPad if you use AirPrint to print wirelessly to an AirPrint-enabled printer from apps like mail, photos, and Safari. There are so many apps available on the App store that supports AirPrint. Note that the iPad and the printer must be using the same wi-fi network.

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