Steps on How to Make a File Smaller on your Mac

Making a file small on your Mac are done for several reasons and this article will be providing the Steps on How to Make a File Smaller on your Mac if you need it. Steps on How to Make a File Smaller on your Mac

The process of you reducing a file on your Mac consist of several steps and you can get to understand them when you keep reading this content.

Steps on How to Make a File Smaller on your Mac

Reducing a file on your Mac has a general reason for providing space if you are running out of space on your Mac. Meanwhile, whatever, the reason you have for reducing a file on your Mac the step that this article will provide in its later part can be able to do it easily.

Going further another thing that you must know is that reducing a file on Mac depends on the file type, its contents that it contains and most importantly of you can be able to edit the file or not.

How to make a PDF Smaller on your Mac

One of the well-known easy ways to carry out a reduction process of PDF on your Mac is by simply making use of the Preview application and the steps on how to do that will be given below.

  • Firstly, let’s say that “Preview” is the default application way that you can open PDFs on your Mac, you are required to double-click the top of the file to open it.
  • Then after that kindly control-click the PDF file and make sure you select the open option with it and you can also Preview if it isn’t.
  • Immediately after that, tap the menu of the file in “Preview and select the “Export” button.
  • Kindly click on the menu for “Quartz Filter” that is in the dialog box and then select “Reduce File size”.
  • After that process, type a new name for the version that is compressed and select where you can save it, and then tap save.

With these steps, you can be able to make a PDF smaller on your Mac.

How to Compress a File on your Mac

There are several ways that you can compress a file on your Mac and one of them is through Finder”. Moreso, you need to have it in mind that all these processes depend on the degree of the file size which is either the type of the file or its contents.

Furthermore, the steps below are the steps that you can take for you to compress a file on your Mac.

  • Look for the file in the “Finder”.
  • Then right-click or control-click on it and select the option “Compress”.
  • Have patience by waiting for the file to be fully compressed.
  • Immediately after you have done that, a new version of the file with the extension “zip” will show.

If you are able to correctly follow the steps that have been given above, you can easily compress a file on your Mac by yourself.

How to Make a File that Contains Video on your Mac Smaller

One thing that you need to know I that there is actually a possibility for you to make a video that is in high definition resolution that is about 4k or 1080p smaller. Moreover, it can be possible through QuickTime that the resolution will be reduced, and in order to do that kindly follow the steps below.

  • The first step that you are required to take is to Control-click the file in Finder and then select the “Open In” button and also the QuickTime player.
  • Now tap or click on the “File Menu” and then after that “Export As”.
  • Ensure that you select a resolution that is lower than that is the file’s current resolution and give the file a name and also save it in a place of your choice.
  • Proceed by simply clicking on the menu that is located in the dialog box bottom and select “Smaller File Size” and kindly tap the “Save” button.

However, you can be able to further reduce the file size of the video by removing the audio or the video if you are only in need of the audio.

How to Make a File that Contains Pictures on your Mac Smaller

If you are contemplating if there is a way on how you can be able to reduce a picture file on your mac. Well, then you need to be informed that there is actually a way that you can reduce picture file size on your Mac by following the steps below.

  • Firstly you need to Control-click on the image (picture) file in Finder and then select “Open With” and the preview.
  • Now tap or click on the menu of the file and select “Export”.
  • Choose “jpeg” and after that make use of the slider to reduce the image quality and then click the “Save” button.

With these steps that have been provided for your understanding above, you can be able to easily make a file that contains pictures on your Mac smaller.

How to Make Pages Documents Smaller on your Mac

There are several ways in which you can be able to reduce which is also making pages documents smaller on your Mac are easy. Moreso, you can reduce the size to make it smaller if you follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, open the file in Pages.
  • Then you need to kindly click on the File menu and select the “Reduce File Size” button.
  • Now after that select among the options that you prefer from the dialog box like “Scale down large images”.
  • Then you are to tap the “Reduce this file” or “Reduce a copy” button in order for you to produce a smaller-sized document copy.

There are various steps that are available for you to be able to reduce the size of a file on your Mac but you can also follow the step that has been provided above for you to easily do it without stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reduce or zip a folder size on Mac?

Below are the simple steps that you can follow for you to reduce or zip a folder size on your Mac.

  • First, look for a folder in the “Finder”.
  • Then kindly control plus left clicks or either right click on the folder that you choose to show a drop-down menu.
  • Now choose “Compress (Folder name) among the options and then click on ok or done.

With these steps, you can be able to reduce folder size on Mac.

Why is my Mac storage so full?

Your Mac storage might be full if you have too many outdated files, old logs, caches, and apps that are no longer in use.

What Should I not delete from Mac?

Do not delete or move files within the System and Library folders appearing when you first double-click your hard disk.

How often should I clear my cache?

Several people only need to clear their caches once every month or two. However, that is generally the point when your browser will build up a cache large enough to start slowing down.

What does it mean to clear a cache?

When you make use of a browser such as Chrome, it saves some information from websites in its cache and cookies. So, clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites.



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