How Augmented Reality Can Help Business Growth

Are you interested in How Augmented Reality Can Help Business Growth? The business world is a highly competitive world, hence there is the need of making use of different tools that can help the growth of your business.

How Augmented Reality Can Help Business Growth

A very good way to affect the overall growth of your business is the use of augmented reality as a critical ingredient for the growth of your business. Here we will be telling you how augmented reality can help business growth.

How Augmented Reality Can Help Business Growth

Augmented Reality (AR)

Before we discuss the various ways in which augmented reality can help with the exponential growth of your business, let’s discuss briefly what augmented reality is. Augmented reality (AR) can simply be defined as a developed version of the real world that is brought about by the use of electronic visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli, and the results are delivered by technology or ar technologies.

Another better way to understand AR is when you open the camera of an android or IOS device. You find out that the cameras of these devices, that has very high pixel can bring to view something that the naked eye cannot see from that same standpoint with so much clarity and precision, hence a practical example of AR.

Ways In Which Augmented Reality helps in the Growth Of Your Business

There are many ways in which AR can help the overall growth of different businesses, here we will be talking about a few of them;

Increase Engagement

The use of Augmented Reality helps your brand connect directly with its customers, and to a much deeper level. By that, we mean customers are able to connect with businesses and companies of their choice with great ease. In addition, to being startled by a series of adverts, or videos of different businesses, you can connect with them directly. The innovation of AR has made it easy for businesses to gain widespread recognition across the web.

Surmounting The Boundaries of Online Shopping

The major restraint to shopping online is the fear of disappointment, most individuals would rather go buy whatever they want in person rather than shop online. Having faced disappointments of what is bought is different from what is delivered.

AR has been made to overcome so of this setback so customers are able to compare and contrast colors, and different product models, imaging them from different views and sides. Looking for whether it’s best suited for them and as far as trying them, to look if it fits before buying them.

Geographical Location and Searches

Augmented reality also helps with the use of geolocation as a form of adverts making. This kind of advertisement is highly attractive and always catches the glare of customers because it can give in precise details and point to objects on the screen of a cellphone. It doesn’t only give precise locations but also gives you the accurate distance to cover to get to these points. With this business and enterprise can be easily located hence an application of AR in business.

Engaging User Manuals and Instructions

Take for instance you bought an advanced coffee-making machine. However, for you to make a delicious first cup of coffee, you will have to read through a few pages of instructions and a customer-friendly user manual for a follow-up in other to get it running.

With the onset of AR, you would not have to read through the user manual completely, but can simply gamify and engage the process on a visual platform for quick and better understanding for you to get the coffee machine running for you to get your first cup of delicious coffee ready.

Reduction In The Cost Of Advertisement Campaigns

Advertisements can be very expensive sometimes most times, most especially those that can get your product or business easily seen for example television and media houses.

But with the advent of Augmented Reality advertising campaigns have been made much cheaper and affordable. This is done solely by the way the content is presented be it a product or service, reducing the cost of advertisement is one of the benefits of augmented reality.

Conveys Messages That Create Appealing Emotions

With the onset of AR images and Banners representation has been surmounted. Augmented Reality is innovated to a higher degree that it creates interactive and realistic ads. You can get access to brands just at your fingertip and start up a dialogue easily.

Just imagine this, which sounds more appealing to your emotions? You see a printed banner of a musical concert with pictures of the various artist that are to perform and a video that shows you a great deal of the artist themselves holding their individual instruments and telling you to attend the concert. The latter appeals more right, this is solely made possible by the use of AR.

Examples of Augmented Reality In Business

A very good example of the application of augmented reality in business was displayed in the second season of the Stranger Things Series. You will notice that Netflix launched an AR lens, using these lenses gives the user the ability to record a video of themselves walking through one of the homes shown in the series as monsters called Demigorgons pop out of the wall.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the apps that make use of Augmented Reality?

Although not all application makes use of AR to carry out their activities, However, most of them does. Here are listed the examples of apps that make use of AR;

  • Oberlo
  • YouCam Makeup
  • IKEA Place
  • Houzz
  • GIPHY World
  • Google Lens

What are the advantages of the Use Of Augmented Reality?

The main advantage of augmented reality is its ability to project information into reality or the real world, which can be seen through devices like mobile phones and others. It provides a more engaging and somewhat interactive experience for users. Furthermore, according to research, improved realism increases the perceived value of items and brands. Other advantages include;

  • Enhances your experience into reality
  • AR has greatly supported business activities
  • Education activities have been taken to another level with the advent of AR
  • Improved technological Advancement

What are the disadvantages of the Use Of Augmented Reality?

Although AR has a lot of advantages, it also has its disadvantages which include;

  • It is can be very expensive to acquire in some cases
  • Privacy and Security Problems
  • Promotion of Risky behavior
  • Poses Health Concerns

What Are The Difference Between Virtual And Augmented Reality?

  • AR uses a real-world setting while VR is completely virtual
  • AR users can control their presence in the real world; VR users are controlled by the system
  • VR requires a headset device, but AR can be accessed with a smartphone
  • AR enhances both the virtual and real world while VR only enhances fictional reality

How Does Augmented Reality Work?

Augmented Reality solely relies on “Sensors” to have an understanding of the environment around it. Making use of the combination of Global Positioning System (GPS), accelerometers, and gyroscopes AR applications can figure out with much precision and accuracy where you are and the direction you are facing.

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