A Guide to Applying for the NEF Publication Programme

The NEF Publication Programme extends a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to contribute to the field of education through impactful publications.

A Guide to Applying for the NEF Publication Programme
A Guide to Applying for the NEF Publication Programme

This article acts as a comprehensive guide, providing essential information on deadlines, benefits, eligibility criteria, ineligibility, the application process, documentation requirements, and tips for a successful application.


Applicants must stay informed about the submission deadline for the NEF Publication Programme (16-Apr-2024). Timely submissions are crucial, as late entries are generally not considered. Vigilance in identifying and adhering to the specified timeline ensures that your application receives the attention it deserves.

Funding Amount

The maximum grant size in this programme is 1,000,000 Japanese yen per project for a maximum duration of one year.


Participating in the NEF Publication Programme presents several advantages:

  • Clarity in Application Process:

The guide provides a clear and straightforward overview of the NEF Publication Programme application process, ensuring that applicants comprehend the necessary steps.

  • Enhanced Application Quality:

By following the guide, applicants can improve the quality of their submissions, ensuring that they address all required components and meet the program’s criteria.

  • Understanding Criteria:

The guide outlines the criteria for the NEF Publication Programme, helping applicants customize their submissions to align with the program’s goals and expectations.

  • Streamlined Documentation:

Applicants benefit from guidance on preparing necessary documents, such as CVs, research proposals, or other required materials, resulting in a more organized and effective application.

  • Increased Chance of Success:

With insights into what the NEF Publication Programme values and prioritizes, applicants can enhance their chances of success in securing a spot in the program.

  • Access to Resources:

The guide may provide information on additional resources, tips, or examples that can further assist applicants in preparing compelling submissions.

  • Efficient Use of Time:

Having a structured guide allows applicants to save time in navigating the application process, focusing on producing a strong application rather than deciphering complex instructions.

  • Confidence in Application:

The guide instills confidence in applicants by demystifying the application process, making it more accessible and approachable.

  • Alignment with Program Objectives:

Applicants can better align their goals with the objectives of the NEF Publication Programme, ensuring that their contributions are in line with the program’s mission.

  • Potential for Continued Support:

Successful applicants who follow the guide may have a better understanding of what the NEF Publication Programme seeks, potentially leading to ongoing support or involvement in future initiatives.

Eligible Publication Projects

For a proposed publication to qualify:

  • It must focus on Nature Conservation in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • The publication should be in book format.
  • It should stem from the applicant’s or co-author(s)’s research in nature conservation.
  • The goal is to enhance understanding of the natural environment and conservation among the public, local communities, or academics.
  • The publication should be in English or both English and the applicant’s national language.
  • No copyright issues should be present.
  • The publication should be published within the scheduled one-year timeframe.

Eligibility Criteria

Prospective applicants should meticulously review the eligibility criteria, including:

  • Open to All Applicants:

The guide welcomes individuals interested in applying for the NEF Publication Programme, promoting inclusivity.

  • No Specific Educational Background Required:

Utilizing the guide doesn’t demand strict educational prerequisites, ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of individuals.

  • Suitable for Various Fields:

The guide aims to assist applicants from diverse fields interested in the NEF Publication Programme.

  • No Age Limit:

There are no age restrictions for utilizing the guide; it is open to individuals at any stage of their professional or academic journey.


Understanding factors that may render an application ineligible is crucial:

  • Plagiarism:

Submissions containing plagiarized content are likely to be disqualified.

  • Non-Compliance:

Failure to adhere to submission guidelines or fulfil eligibility requirements may result in ineligibility.

Eligible countries

The target countries in the Asia-Pacific region include Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Kiribati, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nauru, Nepal, Palau, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Vietnam.

How to Apply

To apply for the NEF Publication Programme, follow these general steps:

  • Visit the Official Website:

Access the official NEF website for detailed information, guidelines, and application forms.https://www.nagaofoundation.or.jp/e/research/publication.html

  • Review Guidelines:

Thoroughly read the programme guidelines to understand requirements and expectations.

  • Prepare Documentation:

Gather necessary documents, including your publication proposal, qualifications, and any supporting materials.

  • Complete Application Form:

Fill out the application form as per the provided instructions.

  • Submit Application:

Follow the specified submission process, ensuring all required materials are included.

Documentation Requirements

Prepare a comprehensive application package, including:

  • No Specific Documentation Required:

Accessing and utilizing the guide does not necessitate specific documentation. It is /freely accessible to all interested individuals.

  • Informal Usage Encouraged:

Users are not required to provide any formal documentation when using the guide. It is designed for informal and straightforward access.

  • Open Access:

The guide is available without the need for any formal application, registration, or submission of documents.

  • User-Friendly Access:

Users can access the guide without the necessity of providing personal or professional documentation.

Tips for Successful Application

Increase your chances of success by considering these tips:

  • Research:

Understand the NEF’s priorities and tailor your proposal accordingly.

  • Clarity and Conciseness:

Clearly articulate your publication proposal with a focus on clarity and conciseness.

  • Relevance:

Ensure your proposed publication aligns with the educational themes emphasized by the programme.

  • Compliance:

Strictly adhere to the guidelines provided in the application process.


Applying for the NEF Publication Programme presents a valuable opportunity to contribute to educational literature. By understanding the deadlines, benefits, and eligibility criteria, and following the application process diligently, individuals and organizations can enhance their chances of having their work published and making a meaningful impact on the field of education. For specific details, refer to the official NEF website overseeing the particular call for publications.

Frequently asked questions

Can anyone use the guide?

Yes, the guide is open to all individuals interested in applying for the NEF Publication Programme.

Is the guide user-friendly?

The guide is designed to be user-friendly, providing easy access and navigation.

Does the guide have an application process?

No, there is no formal application process for using the guide. Users can access it without any registration.

How can I access the guide?

Simply visit the platform or website hosting the guide to access the resources without any formalities.

Is the guide available in multiple languages?

The availability of the guide in multiple languages may depend on the platform hosting it. Check the specific hosting platform for language options.

Can I share the guide with others?

Yes, feel free to share the guide with others who may find it helpful in navigating the NEF Publication Programme application process.

Are there updates to the guide?

Updates to the guide, if any, will be mentioned on the hosting platform. Check for the latest information when accessing the guide.



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