UNICEF Aotearoa Young Ambassador Programme 2024 – APPLY NOW

The Young Ambassador Programme by UNICEF Aotearoa aims to provide a platform for young individuals to amplify their influence on issues that hold significance for them, both locally and globally.

UNICEF Aotearoa Young Ambassador Programme 2024
UNICEF Aotearoa Young Ambassador Programme 2024

Their goal is to facilitate the participation of young people in championing their internationally recognized rights in Aotearoa in a meaningful and accessible manner. This program offers opportunities to engage in advocacy activities nationwide and internationally as part of a global community.

Each year, up to eight Young Ambassadors aged 17-24 are supported across the country to develop confidence in advocating for the concerns and priorities of the next generation.

As a Young Ambassador, you will travel throughout New Zealand to connect with and understand the perspectives of other young people, while representing your own communities and cultures.

Additionally, the program provides specialized training and comprehensive support in youth engagement. With the backing of UNICEF Aotearoa, you will have the opportunity to address important issues with key decision-makers.


  • You will have the chance to engage in conversations and meet with government ministers in Parliament to address important issues and advocate for the voices and aspirations of young people in Aotearoa.
  • You will receive specialized training to become a skilled advocate and lobbyist, gaining a deep understanding of navigating the New Zealand government and political system to drive meaningful change for young individuals.
  • As an ambassador, you will have opportunities to connect with influential decision-makers, business leaders, politicians, and fellow young individuals involved in the national and global youth sector.
  • You will receive media training to become a proficient spokesperson and effectively interact with various media platforms, including journalists, radio, television, and online outlets.
  • All travel expenses related to your role will be fully covered.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The opportunity is available to all individuals residing in Aotearoa who wish to express themselves.
  • Applications are open to individuals aged 17-24.

How to Apply

To begin your Application, click here.

For more information, visit the official website of UNICEF Aotearoa Young Ambassador Programme.

Application Deadline

May 5, 2024.



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