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The CAAP and NNAAC Grant Program in the United States application is out and will soon go out of date, so hurry and apply. In the United States, securing funding can be transformative for grassroots organizations aiming to drive change. The CAAP (Community Action for a Healthy Environment) and NNAAC (National Network for Arab American Communities) Grant Program stand as beacons of hope.

CAAP and NNAAC Grant Program in the United States.
CAAP and NNAAC Grant Program in the United States.

Offering crucial support for initiatives focused on community empowerment, health advocacy, and social justice. This article explores the details of this grant program, covering deadlines, benefits, eligibility criteria, ineligibility factors, documentation requirements, tips for a successful application, and the application process.

Deadline for Submission

Deadline: 08-Mar-2024

The submission deadline for the CAAP and NNAAC Grant Program varies with each funding cycle. It’s essential to stay updated through the official website for the latest deadlines and application timelines.


The review process for the CAAP and NNAAC Grant Program in the United States is a crucial step in ensuring that the awarded grants align with the program’s objectives and effectively address the needs of marginalized communities. Here’s an overview of the review process:

  • Initial Screening:

Upon receiving grant applications, the program administrators conduct an initial screening to ensure that all submissions meet the basic eligibility criteria outlined in the grant guidelines.

  • Peer Review:

Eligible applications undergo a thorough peer review process, where they are evaluated by a panel of experts and stakeholders with relevant expertise in the focus areas of the grant program.

  • Scoring and Ranking:

Peer reviewers assign scores to each application based on predefined evaluation criteria.

  • Selection Committee Review:

Following the peer review process, a selection committee comprising representatives from the CAAP and NNAAC organizations convenes to review the ranked applications and make final funding decisions.

  • Notification of Results:

Applicants are notified of the outcome of their grant applications, typically within a specified timeframe after the conclusion of the review process.

  • Feedback and Appeals:

Applicants who are not awarded grants may have the opportunity to receive feedback on their applications to help improve future submissions.

  • Grant Agreement and Funding Disbursement:

Successful applicants enter into a formal grant agreement with the CAAP and NNAAC organizations, outlining the terms and conditions of the grant award.

Focus Area

Focus Area: Empowering Communities Through the CAAP and NNAAC Grant Program:

Arts, Culture & Media:

This area recognizes how artistic expression, cultural preservation, and media representation can shape narratives and strengthen communities. Grants in this category fund projects that uplift marginalized voices, celebrate diversity and encourage social unity through creative initiatives.

Human Services, Education & Advocacy:

In this crucial area, the CAAP and NNAAC Grant Program address systemic inequalities and promote access to vital services, education, and advocacy resources. Grants here support initiatives that promote health equity, educational opportunities, social services, and civic engagement within underserved communities.

Funding Amount

CAAP and NNAAC plan to grant up to $10,000 each to Arab American organizations focusing on Arts, Culture & Media, or Human Services, Education & Advocacy.

Benefits of Participation

Participating in the CAAP and NNAAC Grant Program offers several advantages for grassroots organizations:

  • Financial Support:

Successful applicants receive funding to execute projects addressing pressing community needs and fostering social change.

  • Capacity Building:

The grant program provides opportunities for capacity building, technical assistance, and networking, enabling organizations to enhance their effectiveness.

  • Visibility and Recognition:

Participation offers visibility and recognition for the valuable work of grassroots organizations, amplifying their voice in addressing critical issues.

  • Collaboration Opportunities:

The program fosters collaboration among organizations, maximizing the collective impact of community-driven initiatives.


Be a U.S.-based Arab American nonprofit serving the community. To qualify, self-identify as Arab American, have a majority of Arab American leaders, and hold valid 501(c)(3) status with the IRS or be fiscally sponsored by a U.S.-based 501(c)(3).

Eligibility Criteria

Organizations seeking eligibility must:

  • Nonprofit Arab American organizations or community-based groups registered in the United States.
  • Commitment to advancing the health, well-being, and empowerment of marginalized communities.
  • Alignment with the thematic priorities and focus areas outlined in the grant program guidelines.
  • Adherence to all submission requirements and deadlines.

Ineligibility Criteria

Applications may be deemed ineligible if they:

  • Not meeting specified eligibility criteria outlined in the grant program guidelines.
  • Inability to address the thematic priorities or focus areas identified by the grant program.
  • Insufficient documentation or evidence to support the proposed project or initiative.

Application Process

The application process involves:

  • Reviewing Guidelines:

Carefully review the grant program guidelines on the official website, visit

  • Preparing Proposal:

Develop a comprehensive project proposal aligned with program priorities.

  • Gathering Documentation:

Collect all necessary documentation ensuring accuracy.

  • Submitting Application:

Complete the online form and submit the required materials before the deadline.

  • Awaiting Review:

Await evaluation by the grant program review panel.

  • Receiving Notification:

Upon completion, applicants will receive notification of the outcome.

  • Implementing Project:

Successful applicants proceed with project implementation.

Documentation Requirements

Applicants typically need to submit:

  • A detailed project proposal outlining objectives, activities, expected outcomes, and budget.
  • An organizational profile highlighting mission, goals, and community engagement.
  • A budget breakdown, including itemized expenses and funding requests.
  • Letters of support or partnership agreements, if applicable.

Tips for Successful Application

To enhance their chances of success, applicants should:

  • Clearly articulate the community needs the project aims to address.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the target population and their challenges.
  • Develop a realistic project plan with clear objectives and timelines.
  • Highlight the project’s potential impact and sustainability.
  • Seek feedback from peers or mentors to strengthen the proposal.

In Conclusion:

The CAAP and NNAAC Grant Program provide avenues for grassroots organizations to create positive change. By adhering to eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and application tips, organizations can navigate the process effectively, maximizing their chances of securing vital funding for impactful initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my grant application is successful?

Successful applicants will enter into a formal grant agreement with the CAAP and NNAAC organizations, outlining the terms and conditions of the grant award. Funding will be disbursed according to the agreed-upon schedule and conditions

How will I be notified of the outcome of my grant application?

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their grant applications via email or formal letter within a specified timeframe after the conclusion of the review process.

How are grant applications evaluated?

Grant applications undergo a peer review process, where they are evaluated based on criteria such as alignment with program priorities, feasibility, and potential.



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