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Kyrgyzstan’s Book Translation Program aims to foster cultural exchange and showcase the country’s literary heritage to a global audience. Spearheaded by the Kyrgyz government, this initiative facilitates the translation of Kyrgyz literary works into various languages, aiming to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps.

Kyrgyzstan's Book Translation Program
Kyrgyzstan’s Book Translation Program

Objective and Overview

The program’s primary goal is to translate and publish Kyrgyz literature in foreign languages, thereby enhancing international understanding and appreciation of Kyrgyz culture. By making Kyrgyz literary works accessible globally, the program promotes cross-cultural dialogue and literary exchange.

Deadline and Application Process

Deadline: 30-Apr-2024

The application deadline is typically announced on the program’s official website. Interested parties should carefully review eligibility criteria and guidelines before submission. The process involves preparing necessary documentation, submitting the application package online, review by a selection committee, and notification of acceptance.

Funding Amount

  • Maximum Award Amount: $45,000
  • Minimum Award Amount: $30,000
  • Project Duration: 24 months
  • Expected Number of Awards: Up to 3 awards (depending on fund availability)
  • Expected Program Start Date: August 2024

Priority Audience

  • Youth aged 13-20 who speak Kyrgyz, including underrepresented or marginalized groups. They have limited access to information and diverse perspectives due to a lack of Kyrgyz translations of international publications.
  • Educators and librarians who work with secondary students.

Key Themes for Proposals (FY2024)

Proposed titles can be fiction or nonfiction and should center around one or more of these themes:

  • Civic Engagement: Books that highlight the importance of civic engagement, encouraging participation in activities that enhance the quality of life, particularly in local and rural communities.
  • Economic Development and Entrepreneurship: Books promoting economic independence, business empowerment, and sustainable development, with a focus on marginalized, underrepresented, and vulnerable groups.
  • Environmental/Climate Issues: Books primarily address air quality challenges, environmental protection, and strategies for adapting to climate change effects in the region.
  • STEM Education and Digital Development: Books supporting education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields, promoting digital literacy for accessing online information and technologies.


Kyrgyzstan’s Book Translation Program promotes cultural exchange through literature, benefiting both Kyrgyzstan and the global community in several ways:

  • Cultural Enrichment:

The program enriches Kyrgyzstan’s cultural heritage and traditions globally by translating its literary works into multiple languages.

  • Global Visibility:

Through translation and publication, Kyrgyz literature reaches international audiences, encouraging dialogue across cultures and showcasing Kyrgyzstan’s cultural identity worldwide.

  • Literary Diversity:

By translating various genres and themes from Kyrgyz literature, the program highlights the country’s rich literary tradition to a broader audience.

  • Educational Opportunities:

Translated works offer valuable resources for educators and students, providing insights into Kyrgyz culture, history, and society while promoting language learning and understanding between cultures.

  • Economic Development:

Supporting translators, publishers, and other stakeholders in the literary industry contributes to the growth of Kyrgyzstan’s publishing sector and stimulates economic activity in creative industries.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for Introducing Kyrgyzstan’s Book Translation Program: Promoting Cultural Exchange through Literature:

  • Translator Eligibility:

– Applicants must have proven experience in literary translation.

– They need proficiency in both the source (Kyrgyz) and target languages.

– Demonstrating commitment to promoting cultural exchange and understanding is crucial.

  • Publisher Eligibility:

– Publishers must demonstrate a track record of publishing translated literature.

– They should commit to promoting cultural diversity within their publishing practices.

– Collaboration with Kyrgyz authors and literary institutions is expected.

  • Cultural Criteria:

– Preference may go to projects that highlight the diversity of Kyrgyz literature and culture.

– Projects focusing on underrepresented regions or marginalized communities may receive special consideration.


Ineligibility for Introducing Kyrgyzstan’s Book Translation Program: Promoting Cultural Exchange through Literature:

  • Insufficient Translation Experience:

– Translators without proven experience in literary translation may not meet the program’s eligibility requirements.

  • Incomplete Project Proposals:

– Applications with incomplete project proposals, lacking information on selected works, target languages, or timelines, may be considered ineligible.

  • Lack of Cultural Significance:

– Projects failing to demonstrate the cultural significance of the proposed translations may not be deemed eligible for the program.

  • Publishers Without Track Record:

– Publishers without a demonstrated history of publishing translated literature or a commitment to promoting cultural diversity may not meet the program’s eligibility criteria.

  • Failure to Collaborate:

– Applicants unwilling to collaborate with Kyrgyz authors and literary institutions may be ineligible for the program.

Eligible Countries

Only organizations located in the Kyrgyz Republic of Central Asia are eligible to apply. Organizations must have their main office in the Kyrgyz Republic to qualify.

Application Process

The application process for Introducing Kyrgyzstan’s Book Translation Program: Promoting Cultural Exchange through Literature typically follows these steps:

  • Review Eligibility Criteria:

Before applying, carefully go over the eligibility criteria provided by the program organizers to ensure you meet all requirements as a translator or publisher.

  • Prepare Application Materials:

Collect all necessary documentation, such as project proposals, CVs, publisher profiles, and rights and permissions documentation, as outlined in the program guidelines.

  • Visit the Official Website:

Go to the official website of the Book Translation Program to find detailed information about the application process, visit

  • Submit Application:

Fill out the application form provided on the official website, making sure to accurately complete all required fields and attach all necessary documentation.

Documentation Requirements

Documentation requirements typically include:

  • Project Proposal:

A detailed proposal outlining the scope of the translation project, including the selected works to be translated, target languages, and timeline for completion.

  • Translator’s CV:

A curriculum vitae or resume highlighting the translator’s relevant experience, language proficiency, and previous translation projects.

  • Publisher’s Profile:

Information about the publishing house, including its history, previous publications, and distribution channels.

  • Rights and Permissions:

Documentation verifying the translator’s authorization to translate and publish the selected works, including any necessary rights and permissions.

Tips for Successful Application

These tips offer valuable guidance on how to approach the application process strategically and maximize the likelihood of a positive outcome.

  • Thorough Research:

Conduct comprehensive research on Kyrgyz literature and culture to identify suitable works for translation that align with the program’s objectives.

  • Quality Emphasis:

Prioritize the quality of your translation and the cultural significance of the selected works in your project proposal.

  • Collaborative Approach:

Seek input and collaboration from Kyrgyz authors, literary scholars, and cultural institutions to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of your translation.

  • Networking:

Build relationships with potential publishing partners and distribution channels to maximize the impact and reach of your translated works.

  • Flexibility:

Remain flexible and open to feedback throughout the application and translation process.

In Conclusion:

Kyrgyzstan’s Book Translation Program offers a valuable opportunity for translators and publishers to engage with Kyrgyz literature and promote cultural exchange globally. By supporting the translation and publication of Kyrgyz literary works, the program enriches cultural understanding and appreciation. Interested applicants can find more information on the official website regarding eligibility, guidelines, and deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What impact does the program aim to achieve?

The program aims to enrich cultural understanding, promote Kyrgyz literature on a global scale, foster cross-cultural dialogue, and strengthen diplomatic and educational ties through literary exchange.

Are there opportunities for networking and collaboration within the program?

Yes, the program encourages collaboration among translators, publishers, Kyrgyz authors, and literary institutions to foster a sense of community and solidarity within the literary ecosystem.



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