Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant 2024 (Up to $150,000 Grant)

The grant seeks to uphold Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer’s commitment to Africa, environmental conservation, and cutting-edge scientific research. It seeks to support early-career scientists who are conducting impactful research to address the pressing challenges faced by Africa.

Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant 2024
Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant 2024

Jennifer’s love for Africa began when she moved to Zimbabwe in the mid-90s with Jonathan Oppenheimer. They later moved to South Africa, which she embraced as her home. Initially focused on health and education, Jennifer’s philanthropic interests shifted towards the environment as she recognized the challenges faced by South Africa, Africa, and the world. She became passionate about creating a sustainable ecology where both humans and the environment can coexist for generations.


  • One successful applicant will receive a $150,000 grant to support a research project or program for a maximum of three years. Past recipients of funding are not eligible for consideration.

Eligibility Requirement

The Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant primary applicant must fulfil the following criteria:

  • A newly established scientist: The applicant must already possess a PhD and should have no more than seven years of work and/or research experience post-degree (excluding time taken for family responsibilities).
  • Possess strong connections to a reputable African institution: The institution should have a demonstrated capability to manage funding responsibly, adhere to sound financial grant practices, and can be any of the following: academic institution, research institution, government institution, NGO, for-profit organization.
  • The proposed research should be centered on or conducted in Africa.
  • Applicants’ proposals must display a clear link to biodiversity and conservation.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Pushes the boundaries of knowledge within the chosen field
  • Aims to address African challenges: The research should aim to solve a challenge in Africa that is present across multiple regions and can be applied to other areas. It should involve various research locations
  • Utilizes innovative methods and approaches
  • Demonstrates high scientific standards and excellence Contributes to developing human capital (e.g., mentoring, support, and opportunities for professional growth) for the next generation of researchers
  • Takes a comprehensive perspective and engages in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration with partners (preferably within Africa) to maximize time, expertise, skills, materials, and resources and minimize duplication
  • Clearly outlines the potential for impact during and after the funding period
  • Demonstrates awareness of relevant recent or ongoing work on the continent
  • Outlines a detailed plan for disseminating research findings within and outside the scientific community
  • Strives for open-access publications (both popular and scientific)
  • Avoids presenting any unacceptable ethical or safety risks

How To Apply

To Apply and to gain more information, visit the official website of Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant.

Application Deadline

May 3, 2024.



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