Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application 2024 (Up to $10,000 Prize) | Apply Now!

The Rockefeller Foundation has established The Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application, which will be given out annually in October in Des Moines, Iowa, by the World Food Prize Foundation.

Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application 2024
Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application 2024

The award aims to acknowledge remarkable, science-driven accomplishments in international agriculture. Food production by an individual under the age of 40 who has shown great courage, and resilience. And dedication to the effort to eradicate global hunger and poverty.

The recipient of the award will be someone who is actively engaged in working directly with individuals in rural communities. Such as farmers, animal herders, and fishers, in various disciplines. Or enterprises across the entire food production, processing and food distribution.


  • The award includes a $10,000 prize.
  • Recipients must attend the award ceremony, as well as take part in media events and other World Food Prize activities in mid-October in Des Moines, Iowa, United States. The World Food Prize Foundation will cover the cost of roundtrip air transportation for one award winner from their place of employment, as well as providing meals and lodging while in Des Moines.

Eligibility Requirement


  • Nominees must be younger than 40 years old (not having reached their 40th birthday before World Food Day, October 16, of the year in which the award is given).
  • Nominees must be currently engaged in the field, research area, role, or specific project for which they are being nominated. They may be affiliated with a public or private educational, research, or development institution or a similar organization.
  • Nominees can still be considered for the award in subsequent years, based on the decision of the Award Jury, as long as they continue to meet the criteria and age requirement.
  • The award is typically given to an individual. In exceptional cases, it may be shared by multiple individuals for outstanding collaborative work and accomplishments.


  • Both individuals and organizations are eligible to make nominations. If an organization is submitting a nomination, it must be signed by an executive officer.
  • Self-nominations are not allowed. Nominators should be familiar with the nominee’s work and provide specific examples demonstrating how the nominee’s achievements meet the award criteria.
  • Supportive letters can be provided by individuals or organizations who have an in-depth understanding or a general awareness of the nominee’s work.

Evaluation Criteria

Candidates will be assessed and chosen based on their qualities and achievements that demonstrate those exhibited. By Dr. Borlaug during his field research and practical work, such as:

Persistence: Showing the same determination as Dr. Borlaug, who did not quit even when faced with challenges, hardships, scarcity, and/or criticism from peers.

Innovation: Following Dr. Borlaug’s motto “aim high” in seeking new ways. Techniques, and answers in a mission to ensure enough food and nourishment for the world’s population.

Communication: Following Dr. Borlaug’s lead of respecting local traditions; collaborating well in intercultural, interdisciplinary settings. Recognizing the problems and resources of people in a specific area or region, and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders.

Research/Science: Enabling improvement through careful research methods, techniques, and management approaches. And/or strategies that lead to more food production, access, distribution, and/or quality nutrition.

Extension: Extending the use of groundbreaking findings and advancements in plant science, animal science, and/or food science to reach farmers and consumers who have been historically overlooked.

Education: Offering practical scientific training and education to individuals in rural areas, such as farming families and workers in agriculture and food production.

Application: Utilizing enhanced technologies and/or operating strategies in crop cultivation and animal farming to promote sustainable production, provide healthier food, and alleviate poverty.

Leadership: Taking on a leadership role in guiding other professionals in agriculture, field researchers, and practitioners involved in cooperative initiatives focused on addressing hunger and poverty, and rejuvenating communities.

Impact: Increasing the quantity of food accessible by utilizing the aforementioned methods. Dr. Borlaug was consistently focused on effecting change and “increasing food availability.”

Nomination Documentation And Process

You must fill out the nomination form in English online at

Required Nomination Documentation:

  • A summary (no more than 3000 words) that clarifies and showcases:
  • the nominee’s achievements and contributions, with evidence and instances that demonstrate several of the standards required for this award;
  • how, in pursuing this work, the nominee demonstrates the qualities exhibited by Dr. Borlaug in his initial career.
  • the outcomes or effects of the nominee’s work.
  • A brief summary of the nominee’s personal and professional history, including their birth date, country of origin, education, and career.
  • Three letters that highlight the nominee’s main accomplishments and explain why they deserve the award. One letter should be from the nominator and two from other supporters. Please limit the number of letters to three, as we receive many nominations.
  • Photos: A clear portrait of the nominee is mandatory (at least 300 dpi resolution); you may also send two more photos of the nominee in action.

Visit the official website of Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application.     

Application Deadline

June 15, 2024.



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