UN FAO Innovation Award 2024 (Up To $10,000 Cash Prize) | Apply Now!

Nominations are currently being accepted for the UN FAO Innovation Award 2024. During the Forty-second session of the FAO Conference on 18 June 2021, the establishment of a “FAO Award for Innovation” was decided upon to acknowledge groundbreaking innovations within the scope of FAO’s responsibilities. This award is intended to honour a diverse range of recipients, including members and non-state partners.

UN FAO Innovation Award 2024
UN FAO Innovation Award 2024

Agricultural innovation involves the introduction of new or existing products, processes, or organizational methods in a specific context to enhance effectiveness, competitiveness, resilience to shocks, and environmental sustainability, and ultimately contribute to food security, nutrition, economic growth, and sustainable natural resource management.

Innovation encompasses the act of implementing novel and unconventional approaches, whether that be by freshly solving an existing issue, tackling a new problem with a proven solution, or introducing an innovative solution to an original challenge.


The chosen candidate will be awarded:

  • A ceremonial scroll detailing the recipient’s accomplishments and/or recognition
  • A monetary award of USD 10,000.


  • The FAO Innovation Award will be given to those who have made groundbreaking advancements in areas falling within FAO’s jurisdiction. A wide range of nominees can be considered for the award, including members, organizations, individuals, international or regional groups, academic institutions, research bodies, civil society organizations, and private sector entities.
  • The award will acknowledge various types of innovation, such as advancements in agri-food systems, digital agriculture, innovation within the agricultural sector, developments in biotechnology, sustainable production practices like Agroecology, and new business strategies, among others.
  • The recognized innovations may span across different categories, which could include technological, institutional, social, policy, and financial innovations.


Award specific criteria:

  • Create a multi-faceted effect across various stages of the supply chain, encompassing agricultural producers like farmers, herders, and fishers, as well as consumers.
  • Enhance the connection between agricultural producers and consumers by implementing inventive methods such as new institutional structures, policy and financial strategies, social processes, innovative technological advancements (such as digital platforms linking producers to consumers), unique market access approaches, all while considering the environmental, economic, and social aspects of sustainability.

General criteria:

  • Quality and merit of the innovation
  • Potential benefit, impact and sustainability
  • Accessibility and affordability of the innovation
  • Scalability
  • Value for money
  • Involvement of young people (aged under 35), and/or women, and/or marginalized communities

Nomination Process

The complete nomination should include all necessary information and be self-contained. It can be submitted through the online form  or mailed to the email address provided on the website.

Visit the official website of UN FAO Innovation Award.

Application Deadline

March 1, 2024.



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