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Canada and Italy, two nations renowned for their cultural heritage and innovative prowess, have joined forces to encourage cooperation and honor exceptional achievements in innovation.

Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2024
Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2024

The Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2024 presents an exciting opportunity for individuals and entities from both countries to present their innovative concepts, projects, and endeavors. Let’s explore the details of this esteemed award and how you can participate.

Program Overview

The Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2024 aims to acknowledge and bolster outstanding innovation initiatives capable of making a significant impact across various domains, including technology, science, sustainability, healthcare, and more. By fostering collaboration between Canada and Italy, the award endeavors to spur innovation, facilitate knowledge exchange, and fortify bilateral relationships between the two nations.


Deadline: 2 April 2024

Proposals must be submitted within a specified timeframe each year. Interested parties are encouraged to refer to the official website for updated details on the deadline.

Funding Amount

The awards aim to assist applicants in traveling to Canada. Each award can be worth up to a maximum of €4,000 (EUR). Eligible travel expenses include economy class airfare (excluding premium economy), accommodation, local transportation, and a per diem allowance of €75 (EUR) per day of travel. Insurance costs are not covered by Innovation Award funding.


The Canada-Italy Innovation Award aims to foster partnerships between Canadian and Italian experts for impactful innovations. The mission includes:

  • Open to Italian individuals connecting with Canadian counterparts.
  • Initial outcomes expected within 6 to 12 months, focusing on real-world applications.
  • Potential outcomes include joint publications, exchange programs, institutional linkages, shared resources, skills exchange, technology development, creative products, and innovative collaborations.
  • Encourages innovative collaboration models and seeks sustained relationships beyond the initial 12 months.

Primary Objective

To Foster collaboration and excellence in innovation between Canada and Italy. The objectives may include:

  • Recognition and Support: Recognize and support innovative initiatives with significant impact potential.
  • Cross-Disciplinary Impact: Encourage initiatives that transcend various fields.
  • International Collaboration: Bring together individuals and entities from both countries for knowledge exchange and innovation.
  • Bilateral Relations: Strengthen bilateral relations between Canada and Italy.
  • Positive Change: Drive positive change through impactful innovation initiatives.
  • Contribution to Society: Contribute to the advancement of society through innovation.


The Invitation for Proposals: Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2024 provides numerous benefits for participants, fostering collaboration and advancing innovation between the two countries. Here are some key advantages:

Financial Assistance:

Award recipients receive financial support to travel to Canada, with each award offering up to a maximum of €4,000 (EUR). This aid covers various expenses, including airfare, accommodation, local transportation, and a per diem allowance.

Promotion of International Collaboration:

The award promotes collaboration among individuals and entities from Canada and Italy.By encouraging partnerships across borders, participants can utilize diverse expertise and resources to drive innovation and address global challenges together.

Recognition and Esteem:

Winning the Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2024 grants participants prestigious recognition for their innovative endeavors.

Networking Opportunities:

Participants gain access to a wide network of professionals, experts, and stakeholders from both countries.

Exchange of Knowledge:

The award facilitates the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and best practices between Canada and Italy.

Impactful Innovation:

By supporting innovative initiatives with the potential for significant impact, the award contributes to driving positive change and addressing societal challenges.

Enhanced Bilateral Relations:

The award strengthens bilateral relations between Canada and Italy by fostering collaboration and partnership in the innovation sector.

Scope and Priorities:

Projects must align with Government of Canada policy priorities and address one or more of the following themes:

  • Research on Critical Minerals
  • Governance in AI and Ethics
  • Quantum Technology
  • Preventing Gender-Based Violence
  • Life and Health Science

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2024, applicants must meet specific criteria, including:

  • Demonstrated innovation and impact within their respective domains
  • Collaboration between Canadian and Italian individuals or entities
  • Clearly defined objectives and feasibility of proposed projects or initiatives
  • Adherence to any additional requirements specified by the award organizers


Certain individuals or projects may be ineligible for the Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2024, including those that:

  • Fail to meet the specified eligibility criteria or provide adequate documentation
  • Have previously received support or recognition from the award (depending on program guidelines)

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be assessed based on:

  • Degree of Innovation: Innovation level of the proposed project.
  • Quality of Outcomes: Quality and expected delivery of proposed outcomes.
  • Relevance to Canadian Priority: Alignment with the described Canadian priority.
  • Long-Term Collaboration: Potential for significant, lasting collaboration.
  • Institutional Collaboration: Potential to expand collaboration to an institutional level.
  • Creative Models: Use of creative and innovative collaboration models.
  • Research Infrastructure Use: Innovative utilization of research infrastructures.
  • Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+): Consideration for gender and diversity.

Special Consideration:

Priority is given to projects showing distinct benefits from international collaboration. Reviews conducted by experts from the Embassy of Canada to Italy.

Application Process

The application process for the Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2024 typically involves these steps:

  • Preparation:

Gather all required documentation and ensure compliance with eligibility criteria.

  • Submission:

Complete the application form and submit all necessary documents by the specified deadline.

  • Review:

Expert panels or judges assess proposals based on predefined criteria.

  • Selection:

Winners are chosen based on proposal strength and potential for impact and collaboration.

  • Recognition:

Successful applicants are notified and publicly acknowledged for their innovative endeavors.

  • Official Website:

For comprehensive information about the Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2024, visit the official website at [].

Documentation Requirements

Applicants typically need to submit various documents as part of their proposals, such as:

  • Detailed project proposals outlining innovative concepts or initiatives
  • Budgets and financial projections for proposed projects
  • Letters of endorsement or support from relevant stakeholders or partners
  • Any supplementary documentation requested by the award organizers

In Conclusion:

The Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2024 presents a remarkable opportunity for Canadian and Italian individuals and entities to showcase their innovative projects and collaborations. By honoring and fostering excellence in innovation, the award aims to encourage collaboration, drive positive change, and strengthen bilateral relations between Canada and Italy. Don’t miss out on this transformative opportunity! Apply now and let your innovation shine on the global stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can collaboration between Canada and Italy contribute to innovation and impact?

Collaboration between Canada and Italy brings together diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources, fostering innovation and driving positive impact across various fields. By leveraging each other’s strengths and capabilities, collaborative projects can address complex challenges and create meaningful solutions with global relevance.

Is there any support available for applicants who need assistance with their proposals?

Depending on the program, some assistance or guidance may be provided to applicants who require support with their proposals. Applicants can reach out to the award organizers through the contact information provided on the official website for inquiries or assistance.



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