Players Banned From Escape From Tarkov

More Than 16000 Players Were Reportedly Banned From Escape From Tarkov In The Previous...

More than 16000 players were reportedly banned from Escape From Tarkov in the previous month. well, that is a whole lot of banned players,...
Starfield Holdover Bug from Fallout 4

Starfield Players Can’t Shoot Due To a Holdover Bug from Fallout 4

Starfield players can’t shoot due to a holdover bug from Fallout 4. This is seen as a superficial problem for gamers. That said, will...
Mario Kart Tour New Content

Mario Kart Tour to Stop Receiving New Content in the Coming Month

Mario Kart Tour to stop receiving new content in the coming month. What does this mean for the much-loved game? It simply means that...
Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access D&D Experience

Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access Lets Developers Curate the D&D Experience

Baldur’s Gate 3 early access lets developers curate the D&D experience. Gamers all over the world who are engaged in the game right now...
Starfield Official Mod Tools

Starfield Official Mod Tools to Arrive In the Coming Year According To Todd Howard

Starfield official mod tools to arrive in the coming year according to Todd Howard. It has already been confirmed and gamers cannot be excited...
Development of Metal Gear Solid 1

Hideo Kojima Reveals More Details about the Development of Metal Gear Solid 1

Hideo Kojima reveals more details about the development of Metal Gear Solid 1. The staff of Metal Gear Solid reportedly didn’t work nights during...
Starfield Concurrent Players on Steam

Starfield Hits More Than 330,700 Concurrent Players on Steam

Starfield hits more than 330,700 concurrent players on Steam thus beating the record set by Skyrim in the process. The game Starfield however has...
Top iGaming Software Development Companies in Canada

Top iGaming Software Development Companies in Canada

The iGaming market in Canada is growing due to cutting-edge technology and innovative games. This article examines the top iGaming software development companies in...
Roblox Is Coming to the PlayStation

Roblox Is Coming To the PlayStation Finally

Roblox is coming to the PlayStation finally. With this new development, it now means that the hit social app will be available on Sony...
Mass Effect Open World

Mass Effect May Not Be Open World After All According To Industry Insider

Mass Effect may not be an open world after all according to industry insider. Well, this new development may just be genuine or false....
Donald Mustard to Leave Epic

Donald Mustard Is Set To Leave Epic and Retire

Donald Mustard, the head of Fortnite’s story is set to leave Epic and retire. For those who don’t know him as the head of...
Louise Blain Blumhouse Games

Louise Blain to Start Working At Blumhouse Games

Louise Blain is set to start working at Blumhouse Games. The journalist and gaming personnel will be joining Blumhouse Games as creative lead. With...
Director of Baldur’s Gate 3 Next Game

Director of Baldur’s Gate 3 Already Busy with Its Next Game

The director of Baldur’s Gate 3 just stated that Larian is already busy with its next game. Swen Vincke says that he has moved...
Little Nightmares 3 Online Co-Op

Little Nightmares 3 Will Feature Online Co-Op Only

Little Nightmares 3 will feature online co-op only. What does this mean? Well, it is simple. This means that you will not have a...
Mortal Kombat’s 1’s 5-Day Early Access Period

Mortal Kombat’s 1’s 5-Day Early Access Period for Prime Edition Players Officially Confirmed

Mortal Kombat’s 1’s 5-day early access period for prime edition players, has now been officially confirmed. And also, the in-game currency has been revealed...