Downwell Plus comes to Apple Arcade

Downwell Plus comes to Apple Arcade and falling down has never been so much fun. You can now play this very game and many more for free on the Apple Arcade platform with an Apple Arcade subscription.

Downwell Plus comes to Apple Arcade

Downwell Plus comes to Apple Arcade

Normally, if you fall down in video games you usually lose health or get to incur some damage, but falling down here is the whole point of the latest Apple Arcade game and title Downwell Plus. If you get to subscribe to Apple Arcade ($7, £7 or AU$10 a month), you can get to play this very game at no additional charge, and without ads or any form of in-app purchases.

Downwell Plus as you should know was reportedly published by Devolver Digital. This is an independent games publisher whose other titles are inclusive of Cult of the Lamb, Enter the Gungeon, and Hotline Miami.

What Downwell Plus Is All About

In Downwell Plus, your main objective is direct and simple and it is to go down a well. As you get to fall faster and faster, you reportedly encounter several creatures that try to stop you on your reported journey. But you should have no fear because you can easily and effectively fend them off with your trusty gunboots! They are just like boots but know that they are also guns that blast enemies right beneath you.

Downwell Plus for a game is a simple one that you can play if it is that you have a couple of extra minutes just before your next meeting. The game is also addictive enough that you could easily miss that meeting just because you are trying to beat your previous record. Don’t say I didn’t go on record and warn you.

How to Access the Game

You can get access to this game, and many others, in Apple Arcade for just $7 a month, or $50 annually. You can on the other hand also try Apple Arcade for free for one month with your very first sign-up, or you can choose to get a three-month free trial when you purchase a new Apple device. To get access to Apple Arcade, launch the App Store on your iOS device and then tap the joystick located in the menu bar.



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