Bambu Lab Slashes $100 off One of the Best 3D Printer Of 2023

Bambu Lab slashes $100 off one of the best 3D Printer of 2023 just ahead of Black Friday alongside other mouthwatering deals. The P1S is the top pick 3D printer of many reviewers of the year, and it is currently down to just $600 for Black Friday.

Bambu Lab Best 3D Printer Of 2023

Bambu Lab Best 3D Printer Of 2023

Bambu Lab for those that don’t know is a fairly new 3D printing firm but it has however taken the space by storm in the last couple of years. This very year the company is holding a Black Friday event that reportedly discounts almost all of its products, and this is including the P1S, which is our best 3D printer of 2023 and one in question that you should be looking at purchasing this very year.

Price and Availability

And as of today, you will be able to purchase the P1S for $599, which gives you a saving of $100 from the previous price. The P1S in question is an upgrade to the P1P, the previous best winner, and with that very $100 discount in place, it makes those very upgrades free as the P1P is that same $599 price tag normally.

Other Deals and Offers from Bambu Lab

The P1S at $599 is the printer that I recommend you purchase this very Black Friday, but Bambu Lab on the other hand has other deals too. The P1P which in question is basically the P1S without the camera, side panels, or even door has a $60 discount on the side, which is now down to just $539 while the flagship X1 Carbon on the other hand, combined with the AMS color system, gets to see the largest discount at $1,229, which reportedly gives you a saving of $150.



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