Get the New Fire TV 4K Max and A Blink Video Doorbell for Just $65

Get the new Fire TV 4K Max and a Blink Video Doorbell for just $65 in this mouthwatering pre-black Friday deal and save $55 on two of the most favorite smart home devices currently out there.

Fire TV 4K Max and a Blink Video Doorbell

Fire TV 4K Max and a Blink Video Doorbell

The streaming devices of Amazon and video doorbells as you should know make for an excellent smart home pairing, especially in the case of those who are already invested in the Amazon Alexa ecosystem. The 2023 Fire TV 4K Max in question is easily Amazon’s best Fire TV Stick, and while the Blink Video Doorbell on the other hand is not as high-end as the Ring Video Doorbell, it is however still a solid device for the price. And right at this moment, Prime members can get their hands on both for only $65 rather than the usual $120, which is a saving of almost 50%.

Specs and Features of the Amazon Fire TV 4K Max

The Fire TV 4K Max from Amazon is jam-packed with features as well as super speedy, thus making it one of the best streaming devices that you can find out there. Beyond running at 4K, the product also supports HDR10 Plus for better contrast as well as color reproduction, can make use of Wi-Fi 6E for a more stable connection, and will also give you access to the cloud gaming service of Amazon known as Luna, although you will have to separately get the Luna controller for $70.

It also has a very powerful 2.0 GHz quad-core processor in a bid to make navigating apps smoother and easier, as well as 16 GB of storage, double what you would normally find on the standard Fire TV 4K, which simply means that you can store more content as well as games.

Specs and Features of the Blink Video Doorbell

And as for the Blink Video Doorbell on the other hand, while it does not have some of the notable and fancier features of the Ring Video Doorbell, it however still has a great 1080p capture resolution as well as a frame rate of up to 30fps. You can even opt to set your very own alert zones as well as notification settings, which is really good for controlling just how often you are buzzed regarding movement, and you can get to view the live feed at any time or effectively save clips to the cloud with a simple Blink subscription.

If it is that you punt for the extra Sync 2 Module in question, which will set you back $35, then you can store clips locally instead. Setup as you should know is relatively easy since the Blink Video Doorbell runs on two AA batteries, so you really don’t have to worry in regards to setting up wires if it is that you are not familiar with it, although you can very much certainly run it wired, too.



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