A new ChromeOS Tablet from Lenovo Could Reportedly Be on the Way

A new ChromeOS tablet from Lenovo could reportedly be on the way finally. There has been a rumor about the product for some time now, and it just may be that finally, the product might be upon us. The question here still remains if this is a Duet 5 successor.

ChromeOS tablet from Lenovo

ChromeOS tablet from Lenovo

It is quite fair to say that there have not been a huge number of ChromeOS tablets or 2-in-1s that have been launched to date, but it however appears that another one is now on the way and it is very much likely to be some kind of successor to the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5.

Code that was hidden in Chromium (which ChromeOS is based on) points directly to a device with the very same battery as the Duet 5, as seen by Chrome Unboxed (via Android Central). It is however not exactly an official announcement, but it is quite a pretty strong hint.

What You Need To Know About The yet To Announced ChromeOS Tablet

The ChromeOS tablet at the moment, (if indeed that’s what it is called) is codenamed ‘Ciri’, and it quite appears that it is going to be powered by the MediaTek MT8188 chipset that is also to be announced to the world yet and also very much likely to be significantly quicker than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 that is inside the Duet 5.

And while the baseboard for the device was initially added to Chromium back in August, it now comes with the battery specification attached too. And just as Chrome Unboxed notes, this in question could still end up being a whole different device (or no device at all), but it’s however certainly very intriguing.

As you will definitely see from our Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 review, we are really big fans of this form factor which is the portability of a tablet when you are in need of it, as well as the power of a full Chromebook when you attach the keyboard and the stand to it.

Why You Should Look Out For This ChromeOS Device

This is one ChromeOS device that makes quite a lot of sense, but we really haven’t seen many hybrid computers such as this at all. The Google Pixel Slate in question was launched way back in the year 2018, while current models on the other hand are few and also far between as the Asus CL3 CL3000 is one option on the bunch that you can try.

There are many Windows 2-in-1s to be had, and Apple on the other hand continues to push the iPad as a potential laptop replacement too, so we would like to see our list of the best Chromebooks get a couple of more detachable options in it.

Lenovo and the ChromeOS Tablet

At least it seems like Lenovo is continuing to fly the flag for the ChromeOS tablet that can also do double duty as a laptop would too. An official announcement as you should know is probably still very much some way off, but this here is definitely something to keep an eye on.



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