These Refurb Ring Stick Up Cams Are Less Than Half Their Original Price Right Now

These refurb Ring Stick Up cams are less than half their original price right now. With these refurbished Ring Stick Up Cams you can easily protect your property and just get to pay only $45 each starting today.

Refurb Ring Stick Up Cams

Refurb Ring Stick Up Cams

Refurbished products as you should know can really be a great way to get something without getting to pay the full price, especially in the vent when you can be sure that those products have been tested and confirmed to be working as-new. That is the situation right now with these Ring Stick Up Cams in case you don’t know with Woot offering them for only $45 each.

If that price in question seems on the cheap, that is simply because it is. You would normally pay around $100 in trying to get a new one and this price in question is even cheaper than the refurbished price that is sold by Amazon for the same Stick Up Cam. There are however no special steps for you to take in order to snag the deal, but you however do need to make sure to get your order in and soon just before the clock or supply for the products runs out. Woot has stated that this deal will run for a couple of months but the sale in question could be cut short if it gets to sell out sooner than that.

Specs and Features

In terms of its features, there are a few different models of Stick Up Cam for you to select from. One is wired, and can effectively be installed making use of cabling as a source of power. The other option is battery-operated which is obviously the better bet if it is that you don’t want to go running cables. Both of the products in question are available for the same price of $45. Both also are offered in a choice of black or white, so you should be sure to select your preferred color just before ordering.

Each Ring Stick Up Cam as you should know can capture 1080p HD video with two-way talk capabilities also included in the product so you can shout and even get to tell people to get off your lawn without ever getting off your comfort or the sofa. In fact, you really don’t even need to be at home all thanks to the real-time notifications that your phone gets. There is also support for Alexa, motion detection, and many more.



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