Save $130 on a Premium Pair of Bose Over-Ear Headphones in This Refurb Deal

Save $130 on a Premium pair of Bose over-ear headphones in this refurb deal. If you really do not mind a used pair of headphones, then you can get your hands on the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 for only $249 right about now.

Premium Pair of Bose Over-Ear Headphones Refurb Deal

Premium Pair of Bose Over-Ear Headphones Refurb Deal

Bose as you should know is one company that makes some of the finest over-ear and noise-cancelling headphones on the market, and right about now you can get your hands on a top-notch pair at a serious discount. Both Bose and Best Buy are already offering $80 off the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, and you can now save an extra $50 just by shopping refurbished, which reportedly drops the price down to only $249.

This deal in question is only available through Oct. 25, and there is however a limited supply available, so we would recommend that you get your order in sooner rather than later if it is that you do not want to miss out on these excellent savings.

Now, these are not the latest and greatest full-size headphones from Bose, just so you know. That in question would be the new-for-2023 QuietComfort Ultra model, which at the moment retails for a whopping $429. But the Noise Cancelling 700 models in question which are from the year 2019 are still very much thoroughly impressive, and also a great value when it is that you can get them for just $130 less than the list price.

Specs and Features

The product in question as you should know has superior sound quality, USB-C charging, 20 hours of battery life, as well as support for Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, plus they are also exceptionally comfortable and also have a sturdy headband, as per David Carnoy of CNET, who reportedly reviewed a pair.

These very headphones work very well for voice calls as they have an eight-microphone system that can also reduce background noise significantly when it is that you are not in a quiet environment. They also have a very good transparency mode. And if it is that you are low on time, a 15-minute charge will reportedly get you 3.5 hours of battery life, which is excellent for when it is you are on the go.

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