This Rare Sonos Discount Gets You a 1st-Gen Move a Whopping $100 Off

This rare Sonos discount gets you a 1st-gen Move a whopping $100 off. If you are reading this post at the moment, then you shouldn’t make the mistake of missing out on your chance to get a portable Sonos speaker at an incredible 25% off.

Rare Sonos Discount

Rare Sonos Discount

If it is that you are on the lookout for a high-end portable speaker that you can easily take with you outdoors or even on camping trips, then the very first-generation Sonos Move in question is an excellent pickup. Not only do you get the high-quality audio fidelity of a Sonos product with this one, but the thing is that the company has also thrown in some really smart features, such as a long battery life, water and dust resistance, and even drop protection. And even more importantly, it is very rare to find you a Sonos deal, so if it is that you like what you see, then you should grab it quickly while it lasts.

Sonos as you should know is as well known for its high-end audio products as it is famous for its premium prices. The speakers from this company rarely go on sale, which is the reason why this $100 discount on the first-gen Sonos Move is very much notable.

Specs and Features

The audio fidelity of this portable speaker as you should know is very much excellent, which is quite not surprising coming from Sonos. We also found the sound to be very warm during our testing, and the loudness on the other hand can easily fill a medium-to-large room or even provide tunes for an outdoor patio party.

And speaking of being outside, the Sonos Move in question is IP56, so it is well protected from the elements, and you really will not have to worry that your $300 will be destroyed by some rain or dust. The product in question also has some drop protection in a bid to help protect the internals from the rigors of portable usage.

The Sonos Move as you should know comes with some other neat features such as its very own little handle in the back, thus making it very much easy to carry around than other speakers that might make use of a strap or have the need to be held in your arms.

It can also be easily charged with the base stand or through a USB-C port in the back, simply meaning that you don’t have to lug around a big charging station whenever it is that you want to take it camping or on a picnic. It is these sorts of little touches and perks that make the Sonos Move a well-thought-out product.

Sonos Move 2

And while there is a Sonos Move 2 that you could eventually buy, know that it is $150 more expensive, and the most significant upgrade p it is to the battery life, with some minor other upgrades to the speakers and audio. And as such, if it is that you don’t want to spend the extra $150, then the first-gen Sonos Move in question is still very much an excellent portable speaker.



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