Amazon Plans to Reintroduce Delivery Drones in the UK Next Year

The company has also revealed its latest drone technology, designed for delivering goods in the UK. According to Amazon, this technology is quieter, capable of longer flights, and better equipped to handle various weather conditions.

Amazon Plans to Reintroduce Delivery Drones in the UK Next Year
Amazon Plans to Reintroduce Delivery Drones in the UK Next Year

Amazon has officially confirmed its plans to reintroduce delivery drones in the UK next year. These unmanned airborne vehicles will be utilized for distributing goods from select same-day delivery locations, including one in the UK.

Amazon Plans to Reintroduce Delivery Drones in the UK Next Year

The specific location has not been disclosed as of now.

This initiative is part of the drone expansion within the retail segment of Amazon’s operations. It will also be implemented in Italy and a third U.S. state, in addition to California and Texas, where the drones are already in operation.

In 2016, the company conducted an initial trial of the Prime Air delivery system in Cambridgeshire. However, Amazon has announced that it will no longer employ standalone centers, choosing instead to integrate the drones into its existing network.

The company released a statement, stating, “In our ongoing commitment to innovate for our customers, we are thrilled to declare the international expansion of Prime Air delivery, marking its debut outside of the United States.

For nearly a year, we have utilized drones to transport packages in California and Texas.

“We have established a secure and dependable delivery service, working in close partnership with regulatory authorities and local communities.

We will maintain this collaboration moving forward to guarantee that we fulfill the requirements of both our customers and the communities we cater to.

Cooperation with Authorities for Drone Reintegration

The company further stated that it has collaborated with government and aviation authorities to reintroduce the drones into UK airspace.

Amazon introduced its latest delivery drone, the MK30, which is described as quieter and capable of flying twice the distance in various weather conditions.

The Aviation Minister, Baroness Vere, commented, “Amazon’s announcement today is a great illustration of government and industry collaboration to realize our joint vision of making commercial drones a common sight in the UK by 2030. This will not only bolster the economy by providing consumers with more choices and promoting eco-friendly zero-emission technology but will also enhance our knowledge of the safe and secure use of this new technology.

Frederic Laugere, who leads innovation advisory services at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), remarked, “It is crucial to investigate how drones can be integrated safely and effectively into a larger portion of the UK’s airspace.

“Projects like this are essential in contributing to our collective understanding and experiences, which will pave the way for drones to operate routinely beyond their pilot’s line of sight while ensuring safe and fair airspace access for other users.

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