How to use Bose Frames – How to Set up Bose Glasses Headphones

Are you interested in How To Use Bose Frames? Well, if there is anything difficult for you while operating the Bose frame, this article is here to help you out. Let’s see little information on Bose frames.

How To Use Bose Frames

The Bose frames are a set of premium sunglasses that also act as your personal music system. However, there is a flat cable that runs through the steel hinges of the sunglasses to send audio and power to the speakers.

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How to use Bose Frames

The Bose frames glasses can be set with an app on your device. On the frames, a single press will play music, pause, music, or answer a call.

The Bose frame glasses have a double press skips a track, and also a triple press backtracks. However, to increase the volume of your Bose frame, you can press and hold, and then tilt your head left.

Scroll down to connect your Bose glasses headphones to your phone through Bluetooth without waste of time.

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How to Set Up Bose Glasses Headphones

To set up or connect your Bose glasses headsets, you will have to get your phone and download the Base App. Below are steps to follow:

  • Pick up your phone and go to Play Store or the IOS App Store
  • On the Play or App Store, click on the search bar and download the Base Connect App.
  • After downloading, turn on your frames by pressing the single button on the right stem.
  • Make sure the frames are close to your mobile device with the base app open.
  • Then, check the app to see if your frames have appeared on the screen.
  • If you don’t see the Frames, close the Bose connect app on other nearby devices and reopen it again.
  • But once it is displayed, you will likely need to download the latest firmware.
  • With the latest firmware, you can now access all app capabilities. After that, connect it to the app.

Meanwhile, after setting up your frames and connecting them to the Bose connect app, you will be able to control the setting and take advantage of augmented reality.

How to Control Bose Frames

The Bose frames are very easy to control. You can use the Bose music app settings or the device itself to control audio playback.

In addition, a lot of Bose frames glasses have a single button on the right stem that can be used for various actions. Below are methods on how you can control your Bose frame:

  • To play or pause, a single press
  • To answer an incoming call, a single press
  • Double press to skip a track.
  • Trippel press to backtrack
  • To increase your volume, press, and hold, then tilt your head right.
  • To low volume or rather decrease, you will have to press and hold, then tilt your head left.

Keep in mind, that for you to use the volume control feature, make sure the firmware is up to date and enable it in the Bose Connect app.

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What Are Bose Frames?

Bose Frames are sunglasses or rather smart glasses that also act as your personal music system. It can be used to listen to music and still keep your ear active outside.

That is, you can keep it at 50% or lower so that those next to you will not hear your music. But because your ears are open, you can hear the world around you very clearly which saves guides you while walking on the road.

Best Buy Bose Sunglasses

Below are some of the best Bose Frames Sunglasses to buy so far.

Bose Frames Soprano

Considerately refined and strikingly elegant, the latest Bose sunglasses are here. Bose Frames Soprano is made for the fashion-forward, featuring polarized lenses and premium craftsmanship, while miniaturized Bose speakers, hidden in the temples, produce sound you’d never expect from sunglasses. It is made in the USA with playful stylings and ultramodern.

These music sunglasses include shatter- and scratch-resistant polarized lenses to reduce glare, enhance visibility, and block 99% UVA/B rays. And you can add your prescription (Rx) anytime.


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Bose Frames Tempo

Bose frame tempo are high-performance sports sunglasses, delivering revolutionary Bose open ear audio with a comfortable, sweat, and weather-resistant design.

This sports Bluetooth sunglass comes with long battery life and pair to your device for high-quality sound and crystal-clear cells. It comes with a reliable Bluetooth range of up to 30 fits. With play time up 8 hours per charge.


Bose Frames Tenor, Smart Glasses

This Bose frames tenor is without sound, and they are just sunglasses.  Bose Frames Tenor are made for the modern icon, featuring polarized lenses and premium craftsmanship, while miniaturized Bose speakers hidden in the temples produce the sound you’d never expect from sunglasses.

It also come with revolutionary Bose open audio design that lets you hear your music and interact with the world around you. In addition, an exclusive, water-thin acoustic package hidden in the temples produce lifelike sound.


Bose Frames – Audio Sunglasses

This Bose frame sunglasses with built-in speakers that produce rich immersive sound for you while others hear practically nothing.

The open-ear audio lets you stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying your music. Battery Life: 3.5 hours streaming; 12 hours on standby. Charge Time: 2 hours.

These glasses feature a classic angular shape and commanding lenses in two sizes. Sunglasses with built-in Bose speakers that produce rich, immersive sound for you, while others hear practically nothing.


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GELETE Smart Glasses Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses

This is a wireless Bluetooth 5.0 sunglasses that are designed and offer a favorable waterproof effect that can easily resist sweat and rain.

It comes with integrated AI voice control that gives you access to your navigation, phone calls, music, etc. without having to pull out your phone.

These sunglasses offer polarized lens and 100% UV protection to keep your eyes protected from the sun.



How Do You Set Up Bose Frames?

It is very easy to set up, first add your Frames to your account.

  • Press and hold the button on the right temple until you hear “Ready to connect” or see the status light blink blue.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the device running the app.
  • Turn your product off, then on again.
  • Close the Bose Music app on any nearby devices.

How Do I Turn On My Bose Frames?

To on your Bose frames, press the button on the right temple to power the Frames on. Flip the frames upside down for 2 seconds. The status light glows solid white then fades to black.

Can You Make Phone Calls On Bose Frames?

Yes, you can talk on the phone using your Bose frames. All you have to do is press the button on the right side of the lens to answer calls. You can ask google or Siri to place your calls.

How Long Do Bose Frames Take To Charge?

To charge the Bose frames battery full, it will take about 1 hour and lasts for about 8 hours of use. A quick 30-minute charge will get you about 4 hours of battery life.

Why Won’t My Bose Frames Connect?

If it is not connecting, for iOS devices, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and check that it is not disabled for the Bose app. For Android devices, go to Settings > Applications and select the Bose app. Tap Permissions and check that Location is not disabled.

How Do Bluetooth Glasses Work?

Bluetooth sunglasses have speakers and microphones built into the frames, so they play sound in your personal space without fitting into or covering your ears. They are used to play music, audiobooks, answer call, and many more.

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