Three Overlooked Exclusives of PlayStation Are Coming To Game Pass and Xbox

Three overlooked exclusives of PlayStation are coming to game pass and Xbox. A trio of some overlooked PlayStation Indies is coming to Xbox and game pass in the next couple of months.

Three Overlooked Exclusives of PlayStation Are Coming To Game Pass and Xbox

Three Overlooked Exclusives of PlayStation Are Coming To Game Pass and Xbox

Titles such as Solar Ash, The Pathless, and Maquette have all launched as console exclusives on the PS5PS4 and as well as PC over the last couple of years. And soon, Xbox players will also be able to get access to them. During this week’s Annapurna Interactive Showcase, it was announced that the three titles will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, thus letting owners of Microsoft’s console play the indie games for the very first time.

Maquette and Solar Ash will be dropping on the Xbox Game Pass while Solar Ash however will be coming to Xbox, but just not as part of the subscription service. And while there are still no affirmed dates yet, there is a winter release date window for Maquette, and Solar Ash. Or summer if it so happens that you’re in the Southern Hemisphere.  Owners of Nintendo Switch aren’t being left out as Maquette and The Pathless will be coming to the handheld console too.

While all three titles belong to separate genres and also come from different developers, they all share one very common feature together. Each of the games fosters a sense of adventure as you go through strange new worlds.

Everything You Need To Know About the Three Games

Solar Ash is a cosmic platformer that sends gamers through the neon-colored heart of a black hole. You’ll be running through various physics-defying levels while also battling weird creatures and parkouring around the place. The game comes from the same developers behind beloved indie Hyper Light Driver, so you should expect a fair amount of subtle and great storytelling.

The Pathless, on the other hand, is an expansive mystical adventure. The game puts you in the shoes of a hunter who can perform some really impressive acrobatic maneuvers with her pet eagle. The game’s pastel open-world and fluid movement are somewhat kind of evocative of indie megahit journey. And the way and manner in which your character goes through the air is a little reminiscent of Flower.

Lastly, Maquette is an abstract first-person puzzler that plays with size. And as you progress through its MC Escher-influenced world, everything ranging from tiny pots to massive towers will change with time. And just like the two games mentioned above, it kind of get really weird at times.


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