Shop Refurb and Save Big On an Apple Watch Series 7 at Woot

Shop refurb and save big on an Apple Watch Series 7 at Woot. If it is that you can live with some scrapes and dings, then you can get your hands on this previous-gen Apple smartwatch for as little as $320 at Woot right now.

Shop Refurb and Save Big On Woot

Shop Refurb and Save Big On Woot

The Series 7 which was released back in 2021 is no longer the latest Apple Watch currently on the market. And with a major and significant Apple event scheduled to take place in the coming week, there is a good chance that an even newer ninth-gen model will be reportedly hitting shelves in the near future to come. However, this very older Apple wearable in question still has a ton to offer, and right about now, you can snag one at a really impressive and great price (as long as it is that you can live with some dings and scrapes).

Woot at the moment has “scratch and dent”-grade refurbs on sale for as little as $230, which gets to save you $170 in contrast to shopping new. However, this very offer in question is only available until 9:59 p.m. PT (12:59 a.m. ET) tonight, and some configurations of the device have already sold out, so we would recommend that you get your order in soon if it is that you really don’t want to miss out on these savings in question.

Specs and Features

The Apple Watch Series 7 for those that don’t know may just be a couple of years old, but it is still very much no slouch by the standards of today. In fact, when compared to the Series 8 device, which is the present flagship model (at least for the time being), we got to find relatively few notable differences between the two for real-world utilization.

You can make use of the Series 7 in tracking your exercise, blood oxygen levels, sleep, and many more. You can even take an ECG with the device in question to check your heart rhythm. It has essentially the very same type of display as the Series 8, which enables for larger buttons in apps as well as a full QWERTY keyboard, thus making this watch very much easy to use than its predecessors.

The battery in question lasts up to 18 hours on a single charge, and the Series 7 also has fast charging, so with this, you can top off and even get back to what matters without getting to miss a beat.

What to Expect With This Deal

The main catch here with this Woot deal is that these are “scratch and dent”-grade refurbs, which simply means that you should expect them to show signs of wear and tear. But other than that, they are in full working condition with their batteries in question guaranteed to function at 85% capacity or even more. A 90-day warranty is also provided with this deal.

Price and Availability

There are a couple of different configurations to select from at Woot. If it is that you want the GPS-only version, then you can get the 41mm model for $230, or the larger 45mm model on the other hand for $240. If it is that you want cellular connectivity, then the price in question jumps up to $240 for the 41mm model, and $250 for the 45mm model on the other hand. And all models in case you don’t know are available in several colors.



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