The Back to the Future DeLorean Lego Set Down To an All-Time Low at Amazon  

The Back to the Future DeLorean Lego set down to an all-time low at Amazon. You can now get your hands on the 1,872-piece kit for just $160 at the moment, which will in turn then save you $40 in contrast to the usual price.

Back to the Future DeLorean Lego Set

Back to the Future DeLorean Lego Set

This DeLorean as you should know will not take you back in time, but however, putting together the Lego kit recreating the iconic time machine from Back to the Future might just make you feel like a kid all over again. And right about now, you can get your hands at an all-time low price.

Amazon at the moment has this very kit from the Lego Icons series on sale for just $160, which gets to save you $40 in contrast to the usual price. And without a set expiration date for this deal, there is no telling just how long this deal will be available in the market. Unless it is that you do have a time machine, we would recommend that you get your order in sooner rather than later if it is you don’t want to miss out on these very savings.

Specs and Features

This 1,872-piece set enables you to recreate not just one, but however all three versions of Marty McFly as well as Doc Brown’s time-traveling DeLorean, with a set of unique components from each movie. The very first version in question sports a lightning rod as well as a plutonium chamber, the second version on the other hand has the Mr. Fusion generator and wheels that reportedly flip up for flight mode, and the third version in question includes whitewall tires and an interchangeable license plate.

What You Need To Know About This Lego Set and Deal From Amazon

This set for those that don’t know is from the Lego Icons series, which means that it makes use of the standard Lego bricks, rather than the other and more complex pieces that are used in Technic kits, but it however still has a few unique pieces. The piece in question includes Doc and Marty McFly minifigures, as well as accessories from the movies such as a hoverboard, a box of plutonium, and a light-up flux capacitor. The iconic piece also comes with an information plaque that you can easily proudly display with the finished piece.



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