Lego to Enter the Metaverse with Epic Games

Lego to Enter the Metaverse with Epic Games to help with building content that is safe for your children. The two companies have announced a long-term partnership towards the development of “an immersive, creatively inspiring and engaging digital experience” that was built for kids across all age groups.

Lego to Enter the Metaverse with Epic Games

Lego to Enter the Metaverse with Epic Games

The announcement is expected to come barebones on details at the moment, and it is yet to be clear if the partnership would be going to spawn games based on Lego’s IP for kids, or whether Epic would be working on creating a kid-friendly experience in its very own mega-popular Fortnite universe.

This also seems quite plausible that Lego would be working on building a whole virtual world that is focused on creating its very own eponymous toys. Well if that is correct, then Lego would be heading straight to the sandbox territory where Roblox and Minecraft keep on dominating with millions of players.

“The family-friendly digital experience would offer your kids access to tools that would aid them in becoming confident creators, “The release states and feels like the core premise of sandbox building games. Fans already get to take part in the rich portfolio of licensed and original Lego content, and Epic’s expertise at building metaverse-ready experiences that makes this partnership worth keeping an eye on. But whatever products that would be popping out of this partnership, child safety would be of paramount importance.

Epic and Lego to Create A Safe Metaverse for Kids

Lego and Epic have set three major principles right under their collaboration would be moving forward when it comes to developing content on the metaverse for kids. The safety of children and well-being will be a major priority; Privacy would remain at the core of all the products, and tools would be built for both children and adults that would empower them with control over their digital experiences.

At the moment, everything fits right into the bill for the Lego brand, which has been notoriously child-safe ever since its inception. The two companies are actually offered the chance to set an example for kid-friendly metaverse experiences by doing better when rivals failed to do so. An in-depth investigation by People Makes Games Alleged that Roblox has built an entire ecosystem that is not safe for children at certain levels.

Another investigation that was revealed by the BBC talks about the explicit games titled “condos” on Roblox in which players get to engage in explicit exchanges. Roblox also has been faced with the accusation of exploiting their young game developers.


Epic and Lego can address the aforementioned concerns by working on enforcing strong child safety policies from the get-go. If it would be able to offer those promises, Epic stated that it would take a major lead in the metaverse race.


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