PayPal Security – PayPal Purchase Protection for Buyers

PayPal security keeps you safe and secure. PayPal is secure for both buyers and sellers if they follow the appropriate security protocols like using two-factor verification.  And also take full advantage of the security measures PayPal offers its customer base according to its security experts. PayPal has over 237 million active PayPal accounts as of 2018 and users have every right to wonder if they are safe.

PayPal Security

PayPal Security

If you are new to PayPal you would like to know how safe your financial details are when using the platform. The company states that they keep your information safe when you send using PayPal and the recipient will not receive sensitive financial information like credit card or bank account number. S this way you do not have to worry about paying people you know.

PayPal has a service called PayPal purchase protection that covers any payer is there is a problem it also has PayPal seller protection for those selling using PayPal. There are several technical measures the company takes to help you stay secure.

Email Confirmations

As a user of PayPal anytime you send or receive a PayPal payment the company will send you an email to confirm the transaction and if you ever receive a confirmation email you did not make it. Please make sure you alert the company as soon as possible and an investigation will launch.

PayPal Security Key

This security key gives you a second authentication factor when you are logging into your account. in addition to your password, you enter a one-time pin that is unique for each login. It is free to use your mobile phone as your PayPal security key though the standard text may apply when you receive a security code by SMS.

Data Encryption

End-to-end encryption is a very important element in helping to keep your data and PayPal transactions secure. The company employs a team of security and compliance experts dedicated to implementing and educating customers on industry standards.

PayPal Buyer Protection

You are protected from checkout to delivery. With the use of the latest anti-fraud technology to help spot problems before they can even happen. Your financial information is not revealed to sellers.

And even if something goes wrong with an order and your transaction qualifies for buyer protection you will be reimbursed for the full purchase price plus any original shipping cost though return shipping is not covered.

In buyer’s protection, intangible goods like real estate, travel tickets, etc. are not covered. To take advantage of purchase protection you are required to keep your account on good standing and ask that a dispute be filed within one hundred and eighty (180) days of your purchase or payment.

PayPal Seller Protection

We all know how to import security and peace of mind are for an online business that is why this protection program is good for you. To help you guard against losing money to claims and chargebacks.

It covers unauthorized transactions and items not received claims. If an unauthorized payment or buyer claims he never received his item this protection program can help you get the full amount of an eligible payment.

The subject of the claim, chargeback or reversal, and even waive the chargeback fee if you are applicable and as long as you meet the eligibility requirements you are protected. This protection covers tangible and intangible items paid for in one installment with PayPal and where applicable shipped to the shipping address registered during the transaction.


These are some of the PayPal protection services that are just for you and are just right for your personal and business needs. With this article on PayPal security, there is no wonder as to why a lot of users around the world use PayPal.


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