Save Big on Hands-Free Amazon Omni Series TVs at Woot’s Refurb Sale

Save big on hands-free Amazon Omni Series TVs at Woot’s refurb sale. For just today, you can now get your hands on a refurbished model of one of the best and most advanced TVs with voice control for a couple of hundred dollars off.

Hands-free Amazon Omni Series TVs

Hands-free Amazon Omni Series TVs

Are you tired of rummaging through the couch cushions just to find your TV remote? Well, if you are then you need to hear this. With an Amazon Omni Series Fire TV, you can now control the power, volume, and many more simply by using just the sound of your voice, and right about now, you can get your hands on one at a great discount.

Only for today, Woot has a selection of refurbished models currently on sale where you can get to save as much as $370 in contrast to the original list price. These deals as you should know are only available until 9:59 p.m. PT (12:59 a.m. ET) tonight, so you should be sure to get your order in just before then if you do not want to miss out on these excellent savings.

Features and Specs

Arguably one of the most impressive and convenient features of the Omni Series TV is that they have a microphone as well as Amazon Alexa built-in, which lets for totally hands-free control. You can easily turn the TV on and off, even launch apps, and get to browse shows and movies and many more just by using the sound of your voice. And that very type of convenience is paired with a hi-res 4K display that has support for HDR 10 as well as HLG for vibrant colors and sharp contrast.

There are three separate sizes available, and you can get the 50-inch model for just $240, the 55-inch model for only $290, or the 65-inch model on the other hand for just $390. All of the units in this deal have been inspected and tested by Amazon directly, and come backed by a 90-day limited warranty of Woot.

Does Amazon Omni TV have Bluetooth?

The answer to this is a resounding YES. Users are able to connect Bluetooth devices to this TV directly. The TVs are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0. And the setting to help connect external devices is just located under the Settings tab and then the controller and Bluetooth devices option. From there you can make the necessary connections.

Does Amazon Omni TV Come with a Remote

If you have been following with the content of this post, then you should know the answer to this question already. The Omni TV comes with a Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote. This very remote runs the Fire TV OS which as you should already know has access to more than a million movies as well as episodes of TV, but it can however also be used with any HDMI-based streaming player. You will only need to install the Roku as you would normally and then change the input to the HDMI input that you have selected.



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