How to Set the iPhone Camera Timer – iPhone Camera Timer

Trying to work out how to set the iPhone Camera Timer for hands-free Photography? It isn’t immediately obvious where you can find this useful tool, but our guide is here to help.

How to Set the iPhone Camera Timer

The Short answer is in the box to the right. You can either swipe up to locate the camera app’s additional tools or choose to make use of the arrow located at the top of the screen in other to reveal them.

iPhone Camera Timer

But knowing where you can locate the iPhone camera timer and understanding how to use it are two things that are entirely different. The timer is not just useful for family photos where the iPhone owners also want to be in the pic. You can also use it for shooting long images exposure photography, Macro images, and selfies of the highest quality.

We would be showing you how to get the most out of the iPhone’s camera timer feature. And we would also tell you about the few times you might want to consider making use of a third-party app rather than Apple’s own.

These are at the moment on thin ground main because Apple’s camera app is more intuitive and responsive than virtually any other iPhone camera app that is available. First, we should check out the basics – starting with where to locate the timer right on the camera app.

How to Set the iPhone Camera Timer

Open up the camera App and Select Photo

The first step is for you to launch the camera app right on your iPhone and select the photo mode. Your iPhone will most likely launch the app in this mode. But if you are in another one, just make use of left-right swipes until you see ‘Photo’ at the Centre of the bottom of the screen.

Flick Upward to get Access to the Settings Shortcuts

Swipe upward in other to get access to the camera preview image and you would see a little toolbar of icons. These are shortcuts to a few more advanced customization features that most people do not need to be worried about. But it is at the point we find the photo timer control.

Choose your Timer Window

The moment you press the timer shortcut you would see a pop-up, where “timer off” is currently selected. Alongside this are “3s” and “10s” options. This would allow you to select how long the pause it before your iPhone takes the photo.

How to Take timer Photos

Once the timer has been switched on, just take a photo as you would do normally. Press the shutter button ad you would see an on-screen countdown, as well as a flash pulse to allow any folks being photographed to know that the iPhone is doing its thing. If your iPhone’s sound is turned on, you also get to hear a rapid barrage of shutter fire sound effects at the end, because standard iPhone timers that were shots do not capture any image, but a burst of 10 images.

Select Your Best Shots

Apple’s Burst Approach means that you would be in possession of a whole stack of images to choose from. Want a look? Head straight to the gallery by tapping the picture preview located at the bottom-left of the screen. Scroll down to get straight to the shot that you would want to take a close look at. At the top of the screen, you should find a “burst (10 photos)” Label. And a “select” option is located at the bottom of the screen. Tap on this.

Choose the Keepers

You now get to see all 10 shots captured, that have been arranged in a row. There would be a little circle located in the corner of each, a tick box. You get to tap on these to select the images that you would want to keep. After that, tap “Done” located at the top-right – the app would confirm whether you want to keep it. Then tap “done” in the top-right – the app would confirm whether you want to keep the lot or throw the unselected ones straight into the trash.


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