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Keeping an eye on your home both inside and outside has never been easier. But thanks to Smart Home Camera Alexa you can actually do. Thanks to the nice number of smart home cameras available for pick up. There are lots of choices to choose from with the desired budget and level of coverage.

Like maybe, you want something to check kiddies aren’t fighting themselves over a toy in their room. Or maybe, you’re in search of a Fort Knox home security, there’s an absolute way out. What could be better than inviting Alexa into your Smarthome? The world has a bundle of smart cameras that play nicely with Amazon Assistant.

Smart Home Camera Alexa

Smart Home Camera Alexa

Smart Home Camera Alexa simply means the smart home cameras built with Amazon’s assistant, Alexa. These cameras let you have peace of mind knowing everything is in order or going well. There are lots of choices out there, but in this article, we have picked out some of the best. I will be showing some smart home cameras that work with Alexa.

Alexa Smart Home Cameras

Below you would find some of the best cameras that work with Alexa;

Ring StickUp Cam

Ring Stick Up Cam is a fully packaged one with HD Footage, great security features, and a nice clear 80dBsiren builtin. With the addition of power over Ethernet (PoE) makes it versatile for use outside. But it can also be purchased wired or wireless. It has a great look than the former model. Designed with a matte curved finish and build quality which is more reassuring.

The ring is super simple on the installation front with al you need to mount. In the box, you would find all you need for installment, including templates and built-in spirit level. To make it easy, nice and straight. As for the Alexa function, you would need an Echo Show or Spot to get the best of the Ring Cam. Users can give commands to the Cam. For example; Alexa, show the last event from my Backyard to show up the feed on the Show Speaker.

It is improved with 1080p images with wide FoV. But Google integrations are poor.

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Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon Cloud Cam is simple and affordable. It also has decent recording chops with pretty tight Alexa Integration to boot or on. Subscription service is needed if you wish to go beyond the basics. It is one of the best value smart cameras you would find. Cloud cam requires a rubber bottom to prevent it from slipping. There’s an included wall mount which you can use if you want.

The set and use process requires a separate app. It might look small but has great things to offer. It is very responsive and also the app auto categorizes clips. Meaning, footage stays organized without input. iT recording is nice and crisp. Regarding Alexa, you would get notified on Echo devices. Then the video feed can be pulled up on Echo Show, Fire, Spot andFire Tablet. To get them, just ask Alexa, go like “Alexa, what are the notifications I got”. This camera is not a perfect choice for outdoor.

Logitech Circle 2

“Logitech Circle 2” This one is most impressive on Sheer visibility. It comes with a 180-degree horizontal field of view, by that, making it perfect for covering vast spaces and distance. It has a wired battery version just like Ring Stick UP Cam. With the amount that follows it, getting a straight picture can be hard. But with the bundled plug and window mounts, you are sure to be happy with it. The integration with Alexa is great. Echo Show and Spot users tend to get the most out of it. Ask Alexa to show the camera feed on your speaker screen.


In this article, you would find three of the top ranted ones to use. But there is more to be a list of the best. We still have the likes of Nest Cam IQ Indoor, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, Honeywell Lyric C2, and Arlo Pro 2. You can actually make a purchase of any of the above from Amazon at a cheaper and better rate.


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