Yandex Mail Free – Yandex Mail App | How to Create Yandex Mail

Wondering what the Yandex mail free talks about? Well, I will tell you. Have you heard of the Russian app, Yandex? Do you know there is an email service called Yandex Mail? No right? Read on and find out more about Yandex mail. The service from this company is really a nice one everyone should try it.

Yandex Mail Free

Yandex Mail Free

Yandex Mail is simply a free email service that offers users unlimited online message storage. On the service, you can find functions such as reminders, ecards, templates and also keyboard shortcuts. These functions make Yandex mail very attractive and also an appealing alternative to Gmail. The platform is an application for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Yandex Mail App

You can take advantage of the Yandex mail app. It allows you to carry your inbox wherever you go and provides secure protection from spam and also viruses. With Yandex mail app, you do the following;

  • Send and receive messages with different attachments.
  • Use push notifications. That is to say, you don’t need to check your mail manually for messages.
  • There’s search feature within that allows you to search for the messages you want.
  • Users can group messages by subject to the app.
  • Messages can be filtered by a label. For instance, “Flagged” or “Unread”.
  • Manage your Yandex mail for domain mailboxes.

There’s more you can do with the Yandex mail app. One feature I like is the free part, it can be downloaded for free on your device.

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How to Download Yandex Mail App

Downloading the app is free and simple. Do you wish to have an email address with Yandex, then follow the procedures to get one;

  • Open your Apple App Store or Google Play Store and type in Yandex mail.
  • From the results that would be filtered out, tap on the first one displayed to load the information page.
  • From the page loaded, tap on Download or Install to get.

The application would be downloaded or installed immediately to your device. If you have an account already, you can simply log in or create an account if none.

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How to Create Yandex Mail

The Yandex mail account is very easy to create and also fast. Creating an account with Yandex mail offers you with plenty of storage al for free. In other words, the account lets you get a new email address, lots of storage, great web interface and also IMAP and POP access.

To create an account, follow the simple steps below;

  • Open the mobile app or use your web browser and to the Yandex mail web page.
  • Hit on “Create an Account”. The new account registration page will be loaded.
  • Type in your First name on the box provided.
  • Enter your Surname.
  • On the box provided for “Enter a Login”. Type in the username you wish to use.
  • Enter a strong password on the box provided for it.
  • Retype to confirm the password.
  • Enter an active phone number on the box provided for it.
  • Then select “Send Code”.
  • A confirmation code will be sent to the phone number you provided on the form. Enter the code received.
  • Hit on “Register”.
  • Then select “Accept” on the Terms of Services.

Just like that, the new email address would be created and Yandex would log you in.


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