Get This Lomi Countertop Composter for a Whopping 50% off Today

Get this Lomi Countertop Composter for a whopping 50% off today just ahead of Black Friday. You can easily and most effectively keep tons of organic material from the landfill as well as make your kitchen smell nice with this lean, green waste-fighting machine.

Lomi Countertop Composter 50% Off

Lomi Countertop Composter 50% Off

Just recently I started making use of an automatic kitchen composter. Seeing all the food scraps in one place that were going into my garbage prior to making use of it, and eventually in a landfill, was quite shocking. And as a diligent recycler, organic waste as you should know is easily more than half of what I usually throw away.

If it is that you want to limit what you send to the dump, the very much efficient countertop composter from Lomi is $40 off right at this moment for Black Friday and 50% off if it is that you get to subscribe (more on that below). The composter in question normally and usually sells for $500 on Lomi. The product in question is also down to $305 on Amazon in an apparent price match.

The Lomi Countertop Composter Review

The composter, which was reviewed in the previous year by CNET, works quietly and cleanly, and it also stifles all the nasty odors that you would normally get from a traditional compost bin. You can read this or easily watch this in order to get the full story of just how the Lomi works and what also we thought of it. Put simply and straightforwardly, you get to toss all your organic waste into the Lomi, and in a couple of hours, it turns discarded food into sweet-smelling, nutrient-rich soil for your garden as well as planters or just dispose of it naturally outside if it is that you don’t have a growing space.

Price and Availability

This very Black Friday price as you should know is about as cheap as we have seen the Lomi, and you also are not likely to see it drop this low again until next year in November. And just as mentioned, if you get to subscribe, you get an extra $50 off.

Subscriptions in question are $20 per month ($60 every three months) and it include new filters (which in question should be changed in the space of every three months) and Lomi pods to effectively add nutrients to the soil, sent every couple of 60 days. Subscribers on the other hand also get full coverage on the machine if anything within breaks and is in need of repair or replacement.



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