The Best Paper Towel Holders – How to Choose the Best Paper Towel Holder

What are the best paper towel holders? A paper towel holders are a bar that is used to hold tissues in the home. They are made of plastic, wood, or stainless steel.

The Best Paper Towel Holders

The plastic paper towel holders are one of the most affordable options, and they are naturally resistant to water and other liquids regularly used in the kitchen. Read on to know more.

The Best Paper Towel Holders

The best paper towel holders can help you maintain a spotless and pristine kitchen countertop. Using a paper towel is one of the best solutions to wipe anything in the kitchen, such as milk, oil splash, or any other mess.

Additionally, the holders keep the paper towel roll in place and prevent the soiling of the paper by food or water. It also makes your kitchen look nice same goes for the bathroom.

How to Choose the Best Paper Towel Holder

You need to consider these factors when shopping for paper towel holders.

The type of Holder

There are primarily 2 common types of holders. The standing holder for a countertop and a mounted holder that you can hang on the wall or in a cabinet. So, you choose from one of the above.

Check the constructed Material  

There are different paper towel holders’ materials. They include plastic paper tower holders which are the most affordable.

Wooden paper towel holders that have a classic appearance $ and a strong durable design. And the stainless-steel paper towel holder is most common because of its resistance to regular liquids.

Consider Easy Installation

Avoid the hassle of any sort of installation, because most holders come with hardware and screws and are fairly uncomplicated to install. Go for the one with an adhesive that sticks to any surface.


Consider the size of the kitchen before shopping for it. You can choose according to your kitchen size.

Amount rolls Holder Can Accommodate

Paper towel holders aren’t just an accessory for the kitchen. It is also useful in the bathroom, or any room in the house. If you are using it in the bathroom, look for one that can hold up to at least 2 rolls.

Best Paper Towel Holders

The list of top products below is a great place to start looking for a new paper towel holder. Here is a list to pick from.

Dr Catch Paper Towel Holders

This paper towel holder can be used to place towels, paper towel rolls, plastic wrap, under cabinet paper towels holder, and anything that can be hung.

The paper towel holder is made of SUS 304 Stainless Steel, Strong and not easily deformed waterproof and Rustproof.

It has good load-bearing and stickiness, and it is not easy to fall off. The periphery of the cabinet, flat wall surface, bathroom and restroom wall.


OXO Good Grips SimplyTear Paper Towel Holder

This is a single piece of paper towel single-handedly. The paper towel edge is always accessible and does not unravel. The SimplyTear Paper Towel Holder is designed with internal resistance to prevent the paper towel roll from unravelling.

Loading the Paper Towel Holder is easy. The arm pivots away from the centre pole and locks open, allowing you to slip the paper towel roll over the centre pole without a fuss.


Prodyne Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

This is stainless steel under the cabinet paper towel rack. It provides easy loading with no danger of the roll falling off. Stylish black rubber ball holders provide friction to help keep a roll in place as you tear.

It can be placed under a cabinet or on the wall (all mounting hardware included). Spacing for the paper towel is about 2 ¼”. It is very easy to install and can only accommodate 1 size of paper towels.


Spectrum Diversified Euro Holder for Kitchen Countertops

This paper towel holder will look beautiful in any kitchen as well as a bar.  The compact holder will take up little space on your countertop or dining table, leaving more space for food, décor, or storage items.

The sleek sturdy steel looks modern while boasting old-fashioned durability. To replenish your paper towels, simply slide the empty roll off the centre rod and slide the replacement roll in place.

In addition, the design is lightweight for easy transportation from room to room and simple to grab the holder.


Kamenstein Perfect Tear Patented Wall Mount Holder

The wall mounts perfect tear paper towel holder is perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, garage, laundry room, playroom, workshop, and craft room.

It features an ingenious ratchet system that prevents rolls from unravelling and allows you to effortlessly tear one piece at a time. It is made from durable aluminium which is flexible and fits regular rolls.

In addition, it is vertical perfect tear and can be placed anywhere you wish on your countertops or tables.


Adhesive Paper Towel Holder Black

This paper towel holder is made of stainless steel material.  Powerful adhesive attached surface firmly, no drilling and tool needed. Adhesive offering strong bearing capacity.

The construction is smooth and damage-free, it is fashionable and complements any kitchen decor.

If you need to tear off the installed adhesive, you can use a hair dryer to heat the adhesive surface for about 3 minutes, then tear it off.


Yoga Cat Decorative Paper Towel Holder

This paper towel holder looks so funny and beautiful. The vertical paper towel holder is heavy for convenience for use. The robust base features a no-slip design and suitable weight to tear paper easily and cleanly.

Additionally, this stretching cat piece comes with an extra-long tail, which acts as the holder. The cat’s tail is so long, that it can fit up to 3 toilet rolls in one go.

However, with the cat decorative paper towel holder, you can keep your bathroom and kitchen manageable and look great.



How Do You Clean a Paper Towel Rack?

For a quick cleanup, you can wipe down the surface of your paper towel holder with a microfiber cloth moistened with warm water. For more cleaning power, you can add a drop of mild dish detergent to the mix.

What Are the ADA Requirements for Paper Towel Dispensers?

To meet the criteria established by the act, paper towel dispensers should be installed a minimum of 15 inches or a maximum of 48 inches off the floor for forward-reaching range, or a minimum of 9 inches or a maximum of 54 inches for those reaching from the side.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Paper Towels?

You should use a paper towel because it helps to kill “virgin” trees and is depleting the world’s resources one toll at a time. It is easy to access to clean up the mess in the kitchen or bathroom.

Should You Use Paper Towels to Wipe?

The truth is that tissues, a paper towel, wet wipes, or scraps of fabric will all do the job just fine with varying degrees of comfort.

Where Do You Store Paper Towels in The Kitchen?

You can store paper towels on their own in your cupboards or on the counters. However, a paper towel holder can be hung from a wall, placed on the back of a cabinet door, or even hung from the underside of a cupboard so that you have easy access to it without taking up counter space.



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