Xbox Cloud Gaming Is Now Available On Quest VR Headsets

Xbox cloud gaming is now available on Quest VR headsets by Meta. The beta app of Microsoft as you should know works on Quest 2, 3, or Pro headsets to stream Xbox cloud games effectively and seamlessly.

Xbox Cloud Gaming On Quest VR Headsets

Xbox Cloud Gaming On Quest VR Headsets

Xbox Cloud Gaming is reportedly arriving on Meta’s range of VR headsets later today. A beta version of the cloud gaming app as you should now know is now available for the Meta Quest 2, 3, or Pro headsets, enabling you to stream hundreds of Xbox games with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, a controller, as well as a Quest headset.

The Beta App Is Available From the Meta Quest Store

The beta app in question is available from the Meta Quest Store, and you will simply only need to pair a supported Bluetooth controller to begin playing. You can make use of an Xbox controller (that supports Bluetooth), a PS4 one, or even Nintendo’s Switch Pro controllers in this situation. Support for PS5 controllers is “coming in the future,” as per Meta.

There are a couple of display sizes for an immersive VR environment to help stream Xbox games in or even an Xbox-themed virtual space on the latest Quest 3 and Pro headsets that as you should know take advantage of full-color passthrough.

What You Need To Know About the Xbox Cloud Gaming App That Is Available On Meta Headsets

The Xbox Cloud Gaming app that is available on Meta headsets is part of a wider partnership that is between Microsoft and Meta to help bring Microsoft Teams, Office, as well as Windows experiences to VR. Microsoft Teams in question is about to go 3D in January of the coming year, with the release of a Mesh-powered VR meeting experience that will then be available on the Quest headsets of Meta.



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