You Can Still Save $50 on the Meta Quest 2 after Cyber Monday

You can still save $50 on the Meta Quest 2 after Cyber Monday. One of the best VR headsets out there is currently on sale at Amazon. And while the deal in question is not as good as it was back on Cyber Monday, it is still very much worth getting at this price.

Meta Quest 2 Cyber Monday

Meta Quest 2 Cyber Monday

With VR increasingly becoming a big thing, many companies are now aiming to make standalone headsets that don’t require the normal fancy, high-end PC. That in question simply means that those headsets in question are much more affordable, and the best pick right at this moment is probably the Meta Quest 2.

While the Meta Quest 3 as you should know has hit shelves, its library on the other hand is not that big, and it’s quite a whole lot more expensive than the Quest 2. That is the reason why the older version still holds the top spot on our list of the best VR headsets.

Fortunately, the headset also has a great post-Cyber Monday deal from Amazon that reportedly knocks $50 off the usual price, thus bringing it down to just $250 from $300. The discount as you should know applies to both the 128GB version as well as the 256GB version, so you should do well to get whichever capacity that suits you best.

Specs and Features of the Quest 2

The Quest 2 as you should know is still very much the right VR headset to get yourself if it is that you are looking for an affordable, self-contained unit. The unit here can perform similar productivity functions, like pairing with a keyboard, getting phone notifications as well as holding meetings, and with all of that it only costs half as much as the Quest 3. And while the Quest 3 in question has newer hardware, the software as you should know still hasn’t caught up, according to Scott Stein of CNET, a VR expert.

Available Options of the Meta Quest 2

That being said, the AR cameras that are available on the Quest 2 are only black and white, so the overall AR experience is not as good as it is with the Quest 3 device. And just under the hood, it features the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chip, which as you should know gives users just about enough power to make use of the Quest 2 on its own, although you can effectively connect it to your PC in a bid to gain an extra bit of processing power.

What really makes the Quest 2 exceptional and stand out, though, is the game support. There is an absolute whole lot of options with it, and that makes the Quest 2 a more enticing purchase than the Quest 3 device.



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